8 Random Facts About Me

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I was tagged by crazy @Mizcassandrae on her post here and duuh…i couldn’t resist. Not that I have much to say…maybe I do…maybe I don’t…maybe I do…okay I reeealy need to stop doing that!

8 Random Things (http://mindblob.typepad.com/)

Here are some 8 random facts about me.

1.   I am very open minded. Very very open minded. Extremely open mi…okay maybe am exaggerating it a lil bit! But its true. I tend to pick stuff quite easily without raising an eyebrow so much. Or at least without yelping in shock or squirming in disgust. Is that weird? Hope not! I tend to think its a good feature in me (Jeez! Ati feature? Kwani am a gadget! SMH!)

2.   I am unique. Very unique. Those who truly know me know what am talking about. And its no news. Something I got from my parents I think…. yea. Am unique. And am not alone. Don’t even ask…si this is random?

3.   I feel like am 5 years older than I truly am. ← that’s soo random!

4.   I am an only child. Its been cool. My family has two. Just me and my mom! Hopefully, I shall give my child a brother or sister and try to keep the dad around! (that sounded so bad! ‘try to keep the dad around’? SMH!)

5.   I am still undergoing ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)! Bado sijamaliza! Am at part two with only two papers passed 😦 I have like 4 more to go of these and then 5 in part three which I hear is the epitome of hell!

6.   I hate rumouring, sycophants, hypocrites, wanna-bes, pretenders, and anything else that people like to bandika themselves while hiding your true self! I simply don’t like pretenders!

7.   I loooove theatre! Don’t ask me why I ain’t there. I ask myself that question too over and over and over and over again! Sheesh! But not to worry. Plans are underway to ensure that I have my footing where it best fits. Not that am hating on my job…i love my job (*chanting* I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.) I really do. And it keeps me going. But watch this space people, you’ll see me on yo screens someday! Ngoja tu!

8.   I think am pretty. #ThereISaidIt!

Phew! That wasn’t too hard now was it?

Onwards with the tagging: I hereby tag thee


Coloseum and



*Over & Out*



9 Responses to “8 Random Facts About Me”

  1. coloseum Says:

    I think am pretty??? “im just saying!!!” nice post..

    and yes, be unique….everybody else is already taken..

    i will do mine soonest…

    • Joliea Says:

      @coloseum, do it! do it!

      thanks for commenting.

  2. nkirdizzle Says:

    your an only child??!!! #justlikeme 🙂 dont you just hate it when people assume once you have told them that that your spoilt? nkt!

    • Joliea Says:

      @nkirdizzle, YEA!! I know! Its soo annoying! Ati ppl assume “oh then u must av bn so lucky n spoilt” mschew!! kwani we are all the same?? nkt!!

  3. Kawi Says:

    haiya you are an only child…just like @Nkirdizzle #whothought but i’m your other sister from another mother.

    Oh yeah you are pretty…i can attest to that :p and walala I hate Accounts and anything that shows a table containing debits and credits…involving balancing of any kind…i don’t even envy you there. So sad that every course has accounts in it. Tsk!

    Thanks for the tag, getting with the prog in a moment.xo!

    • Joliea Says:

      @kawi, oh yes my sisto-oh! Am glad :)) and thanks for the compliments 😉 Accounts…mmh….me love! Me love money and counting it hehe…putting it into spreadsheets and moving it around to make other people’s lives a living hell as they read what is supposed to be a report….more like a torture! LOL!

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