#Wamathai911: A Review

I attended the much awaited Wamathai Spoken Word for September 2011 (hence the hashtag #Wamathai911, coined by yours truly;)) that was held on 4th this month at Secrets Lounge. Here is a few words about how the event went.

It was a Sunday. It was very cold and rainy. I almost refused to leave my house! But I braved the cold and went, I had promised to be there.

Secrets Lounge is a nice place. When you’re inside there, its very easy to forget what’s happening outside. Reminds me of Steps… but that’s a story for another day!

I went in late, the event had already started as I arrived an hour late. As usual, I did the needful and checked in via foursquare and started tweeting as I enjoyed the poetry and spoken word. I’m a poetry lover so it was very easy to keep me entertained. Sadly, I didn’t have a front row seat so I didn’t see much of what happened. Oh, and again, I didn’t keep track of the titles of the poems performers did but I can remember some of the emotions some of the pieces invoked within me.

The event was hosted by @ItsBUddhaBlaze and he did a stellar job. He kept reminding us to snap our fingers instead of clapping as is the way to applaud a performance in spoken word.

There was a nice funny performance by Nuru Bahati and I like the caption Reumac got here: “The truth is ugly even though you use Fair & Lovely”

Binti Mswahili aka @bintiM wowed us with two pieces. I particularly remember one of her pieces which was inspired by #tittytuesdays, where she poked and prodded at the demeaning nature of the said TT.

And who can forget the amazing piece by @ItsMugambi “Let It Never Be Said“. Powerful piece! He received many clicks during and after his performance. He also performed another piece called Never Let You Down.

I was elated to see @LarryMadowo in the house, and even more when he performed. It was funny to hear people make fun of him performing using his phone. But its still poetry, no? Hehehe!

And interestingly, other TV reporters/anchors were at the event. Apart from Larry, there was Henry Githaiga, who performed, and @bonneytunya.

I missed seeing @Mawazo_Mengi at the event but was happy to see @WanjikuMwaurah there & even perform one of her pieces. I also missed seeing Kevin “Man Njoro” at the event. And I wouldn’t forget mentioning @DaddieMarto.

Another highlight of the afternoon was a performance by the one and only Ngwatilo! She apparently barely made it to the event and even so, was not as well prepared, but having her perform one or two of her own pieces was just as good and no one would complain. Kudos.

@Ngwatilo on stage

Dan Number 8 also made it to the event, in a cast & crutches! If that is not dedication to your passion then I don’t know what is! Did he perform? I can’t remember. I don’t think so, correct me if I’m wrong.

I particularly enjoyed the performance by @Jemedariflows, @Xhosie & the other guy, “the human beat box” Checkmate!

Some of the quotes on the twitter hash tag #Wamathai911:

Any girl can make a man come bt only a woman can make a man stay

All men are CHEETAHS cause all women are DEERS

With a banana,2 eggs and mayonnaise a man can keep a woman’s tummy full for 9 months

All in all, Wamathai September 2011 was really good. I was happy that there was less booze so less noise and more spoken word entertainment. I even enjoyed Pozi’s performance, despite peeps leaving while he performed. I like his music.

For a visual presentation, click away onto Reumac’s Blog. I love the way he’s done a slideshow of all the pics he took. Amazing work! Great clarity, well captured.

And that, was Wamathai911!

The Odd Young Bus Preacher

I use City Hoppas on my route. And one thing that’s not a surprise on our route is bus preachers. For me, they’re annoying. Very very annoying! I mean, if I want to hear the word of God I will go to church, right? Why do these preachers assume that everyone on the bus is a) interested in what he has to say and b) is a christian? Why? SMH!

Worst of all is that at the end of the sermon, they ask for an offering! This is the most annoying part of the whole annoyance! It is veeery easy to claim that this is their ultimate goal anyway.

But this particular bus preacher was different. He was a regular young man, probably in his mid-twenties and didn’t have that look that many bus preachers have. When he stood up, I immediately placed a mental block against him and started sleeping. Unfortunately I was seated in front and he was talking right above me so it was very difficult to ignore him. He was talking about the usual stuff about Jesus and being born again.

The odd things? He was young. The bus preachers I’ve seen aren’t young guys.

The striking thing: he never asked for cash! People did give him something here and there but that was it. He didn’t ask. I waited to hear “haya sasa tutoe sadaka tusaidie mtumishi wa mungu aeneze habari hii yake….” but nothing! That was what striked me the most. He asked listeners to pray a prayer for being born again, gave his number and name (Evans) and left!

I remember telling myself I can’t wait to see one bus preacher who only gives the word for the sake of giving it and doesn’t have a sadaka angle. He came. That was something!


Wamathai.com presents #Wamathai911 A.K.A Wamathai Spoken Word September 2011. p.s. I coined the ‘Wamathai911’ hash tag 😉 😀

Wamathai Spoken Word – September [#Wamathai911] , 4th September @ Secrets Lounge

Posted on August 29, 2011 by Wamathai

Wamathai.com presents Wamathai Spoken Word – September on 4th September at Secrets Lounge, View Park Towers from 3pm t0 6pm.

The event will be Hosted By Buddha Blaze.

There shall be performances by: Ngwatilo MawiyooNumber 8Aisha AliAdelle,Wanjiku MwaurahLe ClericEl Poet, Kennet B, Kuni Mbichi, Fuse, Achieng OdhiamboDaddie MartoLarry MadowoMugambi Nthiga, Samir Dave, Gloria Moses, Sistah Lorna, Namatsi Lukoye, Nuru Bahati among others

Music by: Pozi & Jemedari

Gate Charges: Kshs. 300

For regular updates of the event check our twitter page and our Fan page on facebook.

*** Kindly Spread the word about the event by tweeting about it (use the hashtag #Wamathai911 when doing so) and by inviting your friends to the event page.

See you all there!


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I am writing again! And I have no clue what to tell ya’ll. Point is, I have been busy. Oh so busy. Its raining outside and I chose to stick around in the office as I let the time pass by and the rain and traffic subside. We all know what Nairobi rain makes our drivers do!! Eesh!

Anywho, there is something that has been on my mind for a while now. I am sick and tired of watching news nowadays. Yeah, I know, I’m not the only one. But don’t we have a say as to what is newsworthy? Nowadays even tv stations have the audacity to show us something then pose the question”was that newsworthy?” NKT!! Malenge wao!

Mara its Ocampo this, mara its the Hague six that… I AM TIRED!! Then I hear they want to sijui defer the ruling or whatever. Are they freaking serious? People have been languishing in IDP camps for upto 5 years now and this is what they come up with? All this back and forth and hurling of insults at one another…


I swear if I had the machinery I would beat up every freaking kenyan and tell them to grow the eff up. I am so so pissed off at ourselves. We continue making the same stupid ay hole mistakes over and over again like a bunch of nitwits and then come round and ngwe ngwe “naomba serikali”. Puh! Bagaz!

All ye reading, it is on YOU to go out there and make a difference. Enough talk. Enough blogging. Unless we speak of it, and do it, we shall never see it come to pass. We can make a difference. Why do we always say we want change yet we do nothing about it? Its upon us to make the change we want to see.


Kenya Ni Yetu

Photo courtesy of: @Truthslinger

*Over & Out*

Siasa Duni Eh?

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We hear it everyday. We are told about how its part of our lives and will never go away. We hate on it most of the times and declare that we shall never be associated with it. Yet time and again we still find ourselves discussing it here and there, about how much we hate it, how much we wish something could be done to fix it, how the people in it are the worst criminals in the land and still go scot free…all manner of things.

But I always ask myself one question, are we to blame? Are we the ones causing this and there definitely is something we can do about it? Can we be the ones making the change we want to see? Well, for how long are we going to ask ourselves these querries? For how long are we going to keep saying we hate it yet discussing it all the time? For how long are we going to sit back and watch as we do a whole lot of nothing?

I keep wondering how we keep voting in the same ol same ol people who have done little or nothing to improve our situation as kenyans. Every election time they come with goodies and hoodwinking contraptions and we fall head over heels for them all over again, knowing all too well that come two months right after we consumate our marriage, then they go back to their mistresses and leave us in desolation. It is beyond my comprehension.

It is my hope that for once, this time round we will actually uphold the saying “once bitten, twice shy” and pick out a new crop of leaders who, we hope and pray, will actually be the partners we married.

*Over & Out*

Monday Rant!

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Seriously, its such a glorious day in Nairobi, do I really have anything to rant about? No, why should I spoil it by saying mean and nasty things that have been bugging me for the past week? Naah.. its not gonna happen. Noserie!

  1. Do you ever think that sometimes it sucks being human? I mean, not being able to be perfect? Well it bothers me at times. Knowing that I can suck at any time and mostly when I expect not to suck. It sucks to know that you suck! Does that make sense?
  2. Do rich people have it easy? There are a bzillion things I wonder about being rich. I often wonder, does it make it easier just to have everything on your plate? Think about it. I sometimes look at how rich people are and just Thank God I’m not rich! Weird, no?
  3. Why is it that Kenyans we’re so daft so silly we can’t vote for our own KENYANS on Tusker Project Fame???? Need I say more? I mean, y’all let another Ugandan take this thing? WTF!! Mnaenda dome mnapiga noise for Amileena & Steve but noooooo y’all don’t wanna spend your money on ’em! NKT! I swear next time iende Uganda coz we Kenyans ain’t as loyal as we pretend to be! #WhyLie!
  4. Yea yea yea, we all say this but honestly I’m tired of us Kenyans voting in the same ol same ol crap crop of people in and out of Parliament!!! And then we sit back and watch the show as the fight and scheme and back stab one another! Am effing pissed off at what WE have done. Because guess what, their mess is OUR MESS! We are their employers!!! NKT!!
  5. No, am not ranting anymore. Its a beautiful day outside…. much like this one ‘ere 😉


Enjoy your country!



*Over & Out*

One Day I Will Have My Own Car!

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Whenever it rains I always get pissed off. Not because of the rain, rather because of the soggy-brained humans who drive on our roads mannerlessly! As in seriously, I know you have a car! That’s why there is a *whole road for you. But PULEEZ when it rains, ENLARGE YOUR BRAIN and EYES! Not all pedestrian pathways are usable during the rainy season. Have that in mind! I mean, it should be there already! You were a measly pedestrian before right? NkT! Am so pissed off!! SHENZITYPES!!

I’ve always vowed that, that day I have my own ride, I shall try my level best to drive carefully especially during rainy days and puddled roads. Because I don’t want to be on the receiving end of such rants. Today I was splashed on with muddy brown water by like three drivers. And they didn’t even look back or wave to apologize. Its so so annoying! Kwanza imagine this scenario, you’re wearing your best under the yucky circumstances and some lunatic decides he’s in too much of a hurry and won’t be on the look out for puddles on the road and *SPLASH!!* He sprays you with the latest release from the heavens and dots your outfit with an unwanted patchwork of mud and muddy water! NKT!!

Ujinga kama hii hatutaki! NKT!



On the flip side, we could complain to kanjo and blame them for not doing their work properly by ensuring that drainages actually work and that roads don’t harbour holes that breed puddles! We could smack them in the face with our wet and muddy clothes and tell them to do the laundry for its their fault. But as we are humans, its easier to blame the ‘weaker’ one of the equation. #SadReality.

In the end, I think we can work things out amicably. If you own a car and you are reading this and have on occasions done the above to anyone, SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!! Now, next time, do be on the look out for those yucky puddles and slow down. It won’t hurt. Fine, you might be honked at, but at least you know you’ll have put a smile on some faces. Especially the chiq who wore white on such a day and you slowed down so as not to splash water on her. #MakesSense right?

Have a ‘muddy-spots’-free day won’t you!

*Over & Out*

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