Twitter: Add ‘Kenya’ as a Trend Location on Twitter

For the longest time I’ve been singing this song: Africa is NOWHERE on the list of trend locations on Twitter Web. Question is, why? Consider this:

Kenya is the second most active country in Africa on the social networking site Twitter, with 2,476,800 tweets posted in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to new research released on Thursday.

South Africa led the pack with 5,030,226 tweets in the same period as revealed by the new study dubbed How Africa Tweets that analysed over 11.5 million geo-located Tweets across the continent.

Other countries evaluated were Nigeria that came in third with 1,646,212 tweets followed closely by Egypt at 1,214,062 and Morocco with 745,620 tweets.

Youth tweeting on mobile phones were also found to be the main drivers of Twitter’s growth in Africa, with 60 percent of the continent’s most active tweeters between the ages of 20 and 29. (Read More on Capital News)

Now. My good friend Evans Gichomo has decided to put up a petition asking Twitter to put, not just Africa, but KENYA as a trend location. This is big! This means that anyone who wants to know what KOT are saying, will just click on the location ‘Kenya’ and voila! They have it. Here is an excerpt:

eGichomo from Nairobi, Kenya. with 2,640 followers started this.
Blogger | Loves Traveling, Sports, Tech, Art & Photography | Social Media Enthusiast. Be assured of interesting tweets.

Kenya is the second most active country on Twitter in Africa with 2,476,800 tweets posted in the fourth quarter of 2011. Within the past two years, Kenyans On Twitter ( #KOT ) have managed to start Worldwide trending topics among them:
#NyeriTVShows ..etc

This has been a norm since September 2010 after the promulgation of the new constitution presumably around which time the first worldwide trending topics by Kenyans have been constantly among the Top 10.

We request Twitter to include us in the trend locations [IMAGE:] This will enable Kenyans on Twitter to easily track & participate in local trends as well as switching back to other international trends.
Thank you.


There does exist websites such as which will go even further in telling you what is trending in Nairobi. But this dream has never been realised in Kenya by Twitter.

I think that Africa needs its recognition and I wonder what the criteria is for getting Africa on the map.

A teeny bit of me has the audacity to think they are deliberately ignoring us, thinking “aii.. sasa hawa ma-savages ati wanatweet?” But that’s me. Ignore that!

In the end, I believe #KOT, #KenyansOnTwitter need their deserved recognition, if not African tweeps in general.


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Forego That Pizza, Just This Once

That’s what I told myself. The Horn of Africa, including Kenya, is going through the worst food crisis in recent times and it is up to us to support our own Kenyan people in suffering. Forget that people like Alfred Mutua have the audacity to claim none has died due to hunger. Lets swallow that and we can vomit it later, when the time is right. I *so can’t wait till the next elections so he can lose his job! Anyway…

1. #FeedKe

An initiative by @ahmedsalims and the Kenya Red Cross. To date the initiative has raised over Kes.600,000! All this with no offline support! Wow. Truly the online gateways are large. Support this cause. Make a difference.

2. #Kenyans4Kenya

An initiative by Safaricom Foundation, KCB and Media Owners Association among other partners. This, having bigshots on its mantle, has been able to raise upto Kes.46 million so far! Kenyans truly we can do this.

But the more pressing question is, “Are we going to keep this up? Is this going to be a trend?” When are we ever going to learn. We have neighbours such as Egypt who have made serious strides in terms of Agriculture in their mostly arid land yet we have tracts and tracts of arable land and still continually suffer food problems every now and then?

If only we had serious leaders who actually care for this country and want to see it succeed then we might go somewhere. We promulgated a new constitution in the hopes that with it, change will come. And we have seen some new changes but I am yet to see the real strength of that document. Nevertheless, it is still early. I await the next general elections. To see if we can make a difference. To see just what type of people we are. I actually believe that we should judge ourselves by the type of leaders we have. If we have crappy leaders, then we are crappy. If we have impeccable leaders, then we are indeed impeccable. In the end, it is up to us.

Kenyans Arise!

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I am writing again! And I have no clue what to tell ya’ll. Point is, I have been busy. Oh so busy. Its raining outside and I chose to stick around in the office as I let the time pass by and the rain and traffic subside. We all know what Nairobi rain makes our drivers do!! Eesh!

Anywho, there is something that has been on my mind for a while now. I am sick and tired of watching news nowadays. Yeah, I know, I’m not the only one. But don’t we have a say as to what is newsworthy? Nowadays even tv stations have the audacity to show us something then pose the question”was that newsworthy?” NKT!! Malenge wao!

Mara its Ocampo this, mara its the Hague six that… I AM TIRED!! Then I hear they want to sijui defer the ruling or whatever. Are they freaking serious? People have been languishing in IDP camps for upto 5 years now and this is what they come up with? All this back and forth and hurling of insults at one another…


I swear if I had the machinery I would beat up every freaking kenyan and tell them to grow the eff up. I am so so pissed off at ourselves. We continue making the same stupid ay hole mistakes over and over again like a bunch of nitwits and then come round and ngwe ngwe “naomba serikali”. Puh! Bagaz!

All ye reading, it is on YOU to go out there and make a difference. Enough talk. Enough blogging. Unless we speak of it, and do it, we shall never see it come to pass. We can make a difference. Why do we always say we want change yet we do nothing about it? Its upon us to make the change we want to see.


Kenya Ni Yetu

Photo courtesy of: @Truthslinger

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Monday Rant!

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A week has passed and what? The last post I had was on Monday? C’mon Joliea! What the hell is going on? You can’t keep doing these disappearing acts!!! Oh well, cant blame ya much.

This week on Monday Rant! there are a few things I’d like to point out.

1. The Death of David Kato: We all have heard of this human rights defender in Uganda who was known for fighting for the rights of LGBTI Ugandans. It is so unfortunate that someone went ahead and killed him in broad daylight. Now I don’t want to go into details of how it happened and why it happened, but I do know that the greater human rights defenders‘ community is both angered and saddened by his sudden loss. Its a shame that we shall never know the real motive of why he was killed.

David Kato

2. Small Roads in Kilimani: I work in the Kilimani area. For the last few years I have been around this place, one thing I shall forever keep ranting about is the state of the roads! Gosh! The roads are terrible to say the least. I dont drive. So the roads, are, well, not such a concern for me as is THE PATHWAYS!! damn! Where the eff is Kanjo? Why arent they repairing the roads properly? And whenever they do, they ALWAYS forget to fix the pathways. Case in point is that newly made section of James Gichuru Rd near The Junction. I mean, seriously? Are they that daft? Cant they see the kind of human traffic around that area and make necessary measures to ensure they are catered for? Not all of us are priviledged to be behind a steering wheel people!

3. Last but not least, ITS END MONTH PEOPLE! WUHUU! We were paid and damn was I broke! Ubaya ya January ni ati madeni tu ndio si hulipa. So if I owe you, mteja wa nambari uliopiga, ataonekana tena February! If you owe me, FYI, I am really good pals with those thugiz who did the CCK ad! And no, they were’nt just acting!

I am trying to be in a good mood. So my rant will end there. Ofcourse this does not mean I shant continue ranting, follow me on Twatter and see 🙂

*Over & Out*

Monday Rant!

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Seriously, its such a glorious day in Nairobi, do I really have anything to rant about? No, why should I spoil it by saying mean and nasty things that have been bugging me for the past week? Naah.. its not gonna happen. Noserie!

  1. Do you ever think that sometimes it sucks being human? I mean, not being able to be perfect? Well it bothers me at times. Knowing that I can suck at any time and mostly when I expect not to suck. It sucks to know that you suck! Does that make sense?
  2. Do rich people have it easy? There are a bzillion things I wonder about being rich. I often wonder, does it make it easier just to have everything on your plate? Think about it. I sometimes look at how rich people are and just Thank God I’m not rich! Weird, no?
  3. Why is it that Kenyans we’re so daft so silly we can’t vote for our own KENYANS on Tusker Project Fame???? Need I say more? I mean, y’all let another Ugandan take this thing? WTF!! Mnaenda dome mnapiga noise for Amileena & Steve but noooooo y’all don’t wanna spend your money on ’em! NKT! I swear next time iende Uganda coz we Kenyans ain’t as loyal as we pretend to be! #WhyLie!
  4. Yea yea yea, we all say this but honestly I’m tired of us Kenyans voting in the same ol same ol crap crop of people in and out of Parliament!!! And then we sit back and watch the show as the fight and scheme and back stab one another! Am effing pissed off at what WE have done. Because guess what, their mess is OUR MESS! We are their employers!!! NKT!!
  5. No, am not ranting anymore. Its a beautiful day outside…. much like this one ‘ere 😉


Enjoy your country!



*Over & Out*

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