Kenyan TV Shows: A Review

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I am a HUGE supporter for Kenyan programming. Leo am gonna say a bit about what I think of some of the shows I’ve been watching.


Old Cast. Only Maya (right) remains.

Its a soap revolving around three room-mates/house-mates i.e. Wivina, Maya & JB. At the moment, Maya is in South Africa. She was transferred there by Raha Zetu tours where she works. In her place is her sultry and seductive cousin —. she’s dating an MP at the moment and she knows what she wants! I simply love her. The other one Maya is another one who also just jazzes me. Especially the way they fight with her rival Penny haha!! Then ofcourse there’s Wivina’s mother Rosemary who is a sugar mommy! She goes out with young toy boys n she loves it! Oh, and we recently discover that chances are that she ain’t the real mom to Wivina! It airs on CITIZEN on Mondays at 10.10pm just after XYZ Show (which by the way is the ish!) and is produced by KenTV.


Nairobi Law

Nini Wacera

Nairobi Law is a law show revolving around Mwako & Co Advocates. Mr Mwako is the senior partner and is played by the infamous Raymond Ofula. Nini Wacera and Eddie Kimani are the main lawyers and cast in the show too. Me thinks its a good show, tryning to capture scenes from our own law courts considering that the episodes are mostly borrowed from actual court cases. I like it and the attempt is to be lauded. Shows on Tuesdays after 9pm news and produced by KenTV.





Honestly I have nothing to say about this show. Fine, I watch it at times but every time I watch for like 3minutes I can’t help but tsk, nkt and change channels immediately! Its just awful! As in, maybe the best I’d say is that they are trying to have a funny show… in the ranks of akina Scrubs but nooooo yao ni mbaya tu sana! Yuck! Ata afadhali I watch Inspekta Mwala! #WhyLie!! The jokes are almost always off and bland. Fine, they do try to kinda show us the intrigues about being a ‘Mheshimiwa’ in Kenya but seriously, I’d rather stick to XYZ!!! Mara that!!! It shows on KTN on Mondays at 7.30pm and is produced by Insignia Productions. It also has reruns over the weekends. (don’t ask why!)



Changing Times

Changing Times

Now, here we have another (IMO) very well done show. It revolves around uni students and a certain rich dude who’s one of the kid’s dad. It also has bad guys, kidnappings, that kinda stuff. Me likey so far. One ubaya I’d mention is that the chics have make-up all the time! Mpaka when its clear wametoka bed! #FAIL! But all in all, I like the intrigues, the drama and what not. I haven’t shikad the names of the characters yet, mostly because it comes at a time when am still out n

about nikijenga nchi so… but its still good to me. The point is that its Kenyan and they’re trying. Why not support them? It shows on KTN on Tuesdays at 7.30pm and also has reruns over the weekend. Its produced by Insignia Productions.



Be The Judge

Cast of Be The Judge

Some tell me that this is by far the best attempt at very good production of TV programming. Its like a cleaner, more upmarket version of Nairobi Law and includes a Jury that judges the case being shown before the Judge on the bench gives her ruling. The jury is usually guided by the main man lawyer (guy in front on the picture) and (I presume) they are ordinary Kenyans who give views and finally a verdict on the case at hand. I like what they are doing and from what I saw, it being supported by Ford Foundation means that its meant to be like an information portal on the laws of Kenya. Quite a noble initiative I must say!



Well, that’s it ladies and gentlemen. I did my best. I could wright more, critique more and complain here and there but I don’t see the need for it. In my view, the programs are a huge step towards the right direction and the best we could do is support them. Not watching sijui Ramsay on Naija films! Watch akina Nini and company do their thing. And just to reiterate, a lot more needs to be done IMO. Some of the actors really need some work! Eg. Rosemary, Wivina’s mother just sounds like those peeps who act in school plays! And am so so sure you can find all manner of mistakes n stuff you’d like to poke n prod at.

I hope I have made an attempt at wooing y’all to watch n support more local talent! P.S. Check out MM for more! He’s views are … err… well just go & check out! And special thanks to them for the pics! Oh, and NTV shows ain’t here coz… well… haven’t watched much of theirs!

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8pm is Mexican Time! Part II

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Remember me doing “8pm is Mexican Time!”? Well, here is part two! Its gonna be short so don’t worry.

Citizen TV has blasted us with a new soap. Fine, it ain’t that new but yeah, its here. Its called “El Nombre Del Amor” (or something like that!). Now, am not gonna pull a ‘mediamadness’ type of rant/review lest they think am stealing their show – #nooffense but al just give my 5 cents (adjusted for inflation).

Me I think I’ve had enough of these soaps. I was once a dedicated ‘soapaholic‘ and I even rushed home to be there by eight so I couldnt miss even a tad of the episode! As in seriously, naaaaoo.. is when it hits me that this bla bla bla fishcake about sijui ohh I love you alehando and ooh my ndea paroma (think of a kyuk describing it hehe!!) just is sorta kinda getting boring. The weird thing is….. I STILL WATCH!! imagine. I still get glued there to find out…

  • Has paloma found out that her mother is not her mother and that her real mother is actually the one who she thought was her sister?
  • Has aunt carlotta finally killed her sister because of the jealousy she feels for her for falling in love with her one true love, who is now a priest and wants to stop being one because God apparently told him that he should be reunited with his love the sister to aunt carlotta aka macarena?
  • Has the guy who is inlove with paloma but paloma doesn’t love him finally given up on her or are they still plotting with paloma’s supposed best friend to bring her down because paloma is dating her best friend’s ex?

The pretty Paloma

Yea. Some crazy stuff there! Actually the main reason why I watch soaps is cause of the drama involved. Its too crazy too bizzare too out of this world mpaka yani you just wanna get glued. Ask anyone, when am watching TV am glued. Don’t bother talking to me!! #Tivoholic!!

Theeeen, KTN also has a soap. A mexican soap. That airs on Satos and Sundays. Now, do you realise that all ye soapaholics will be glued at 8pm every day? EVERY FRIGGIN DAY!!

And there, we go to find out…

  • Has luisa/victoria accepted to be loved all mushied by her admirer and yes love of life diego ibarra?
  • Has her daughter been killed by her boyfriend alehandro’s ex?
  • Has diego been killed by mr gregorio?
  • Have the monteros discovered who the eff renato is?

Imagine me. Imagine! Just imagine. Then I go ahead and google “Telenovela” to find out what the eff keeps us glued to them TVs at 8pm kila siku! Enjoy!!

telenovela is a limited-run television serial drama popular in Latin America. The word combines tele, short for television, and novela, a word that Latin literary studies associate with medium-span romances. The term can also be considered a portmanteau of television and novel. Telenovelas are a distinct genre, different fromsoap operas; for telenovelas have an ending and come to an end after a long run (generally less than one year). The telenovela combines drama with the 19th century feuilleton and the Latin American radionovela. The medium has been used repeatedly to transmit sociocultural messages by incorporating them into storylines.

Patricio Wills, head of development at Telemundo, jokingly described the basic format of telenovelas thus:

The plot is always the same. In the first three minutes of the first episode the viewer already knows the novela will end with that same couple kissing each other. A telenovela is all about a couple who wants to kiss and a scriptwriter who stands in their way for 150 episodes.

The Evil Carlota!

En Nombre Del Amor (In the Name of Love) was a Mexican telenovela that aired in late 2008 through mid 2009. It was aremake of Cadenas de Amargura (1991). The show was produced by Carlos Moreno, and recording began on August 4, 2008. It received attention due mainly to its cast, much of which had worked on previous Mexican telenovelas. The telenovela premiered in the United States July 7, 2009 on Univision and ended its run on March 7, 2010 in a two-hour grand finale with episodes 170 and 171 combined. A DVD of the novela was released on July 13, 2010.

First billing cast:

  • Victoria Ruffo is Macarena Espinoza de los Monteros† (Sister of Javier and Carlota. Real mother of Paloma in secret. In love with Cristóbal. Killed by Carlota )
  • Arturo Peniche is Juan Cristóbal Gamboa / Father Juan (Real father of Paloma in secret, new priest of Real del Monte. In love with Macarena.)
  • Allisson Lozz is Paloma Espinoza de los Monteros de Sáenz (Believed to be the daughter of Sagrario and Javier, but really the Daughter of Cristobal and Macarena in secret. In love with Inaki at first (until his death), then with Emiliano then dated Gabriel, in the end marries Emiliano.)
  • Sebastian Zurita is Emiliano Sáenz (Son of Orlando and Diana. Dating Romina but in love with Paloma. Believed to be father of Romina’s baby so he marries Romina. But in the end, he divorces Romina and marries Paloma.)


  • Leticia Calderón is Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros (Sister of Javier and Macarena, legal tutor of Paloma. Cruel and manipulative. In love with Cristóbal. Kills Iñaki, Arcadia, Alonso, Gabriel, and Macarena. Ends up in jail and in a wheelchair, entirely alone. For all the things she has done.)
  • Altair Jarabo is Romina Mondragón Ríos (Villain, later good. Daughter of Camila. Friend of Paloma, enemy of Liliana. In love with Emiliano, lover of Germán. impregnated by Germán, but makes all think the real father is Emiliano and marries him. But in the end, she divorces Emiliano and agrees to start a family with German.)
  • Jorge Alberto Bolanos is Samuel Mondragón – (Father of Romina. Ex-husband of Camila. Steals and commits fraud with money from other women tries to abuse Camila so Romina can give him money then gets arrested. Then he ends up in jail for fifteen years for his robbery crimes.)


*Over & Out*

TV Influence…And The Americans!

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So like the other day we were like talking with my friend in the office. And she was like talking really fast and all cause she’s like from the US as in she like studied there. How cool is that! Its like super incredible, right? I was telling her like how amazing it is to like study in America and stuff. And she was like yea its like so amazing. So we like went on and on like talking about studying in the US and stuff. Like super cool and all. You have no idea how long the conversation like went for. It like went on for like hours and hours. In fact I was like seriously we need to like stop talking and like go home right now because it was like getting really dark outside and like we wouldn’t like get a jav and all. It was like really cool talking to her.

That there is a typical (my version) American jibberish. Plus the hands waving and everything! Notice something? So many like likes! I know…its like super annoying isn’t it? Like for real! (there I go again!)

To be honest, most of my English is self taught. Self taught through watching lots of TV. I love TV. I am a TV addict. I love the programs, the documentaries (some!)…i mean, what’s not to love? Basically about 50% of my really good and clean English is learnt from watching TV. And I know I repeated myself.

KTN Logo. (Photo Credit:

I love KTN. But they have flooded us with stuff from the US way too much! I mean, all we get is ngwe ngwe ngwe -ing stuff! And the above type of conversation can be found there. But lemme not hate on them too much. I still love KTN programs. I think its a nice selectionn.

On the flip side, they (KTN) are trying to diversify the programs by bringing South African, Mexican and even Kenyan programs. Sadly, IMO, bringing “Olivirdate Jamas” was influenced by all the hype created by Citizen TV and NTV for such telenovela. Still, bringing the SA stuff is quite nice. I think “The Lab” and “Jacob’s Cross” are good productions.

And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen. There is my two-cents. Hmmm… be that as it may, sometimes I don’t trust myself enough to come up with what I would call “super-posts” but hey, this is my space and here I post things my way. It may not be the best way, the most conventional way or the way it should be but…its mine. And in the end, I will be accountable.

Next post will focus on activism and visibility or the lack thereof.

Love Spell

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Its been a while since I did a post on TV stuff. And I had thought about it last night while TV surfing and I just said that despite being a fan of so many TV shows, I will write about this mexican one that I really enjoy. And I know I aint the only one!

So this one called “Sortilegio” or Love Spell is really intriguing, no? Latest news is that Maria Jose has a sister! A twin sister to be precise! And she is indeed idetical! I must say that, in my opinion, I think she is the same person and judging by the way she’s acted out the Maria Jose role, honestly acting out Sandra must be quite exciting! The two have nothing in common! Maria is such a nice sweet lovable modest girl while her supposed twin is the total opposite! She’s a rebel, smokes, drinks, does drugs…you name it!

Maria Jose & Alejandro

So at the moment Sandra, Maria’s twin is on the verge of dying. And her mom plus the hubby want money from the grandad. The grandad doesn’t even know that Sandra has a twin. Sandra’s mom wants to use Maria to help her get the inheritance from the grandad but needs to find a way to blackmail Maria. So they now want Bruno, the brother to Alejandro. Alejandro is Maria’s husband, owner of Lambardo business, which Bruno, the half brother wants and Alex doesn’t want to give it to him…waaay too much to say!

All I can say for now is, I like the way Mexicans do their shows. Telenovela stuff is quite great.

Next is my take on Kenyan productions. Wait for it 🙂

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