One Day I Will Have My Own Car!

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Whenever it rains I always get pissed off. Not because of the rain, rather because of the soggy-brained humans who drive on our roads mannerlessly! As in seriously, I know you have a car! That’s why there is a *whole road for you. But PULEEZ when it rains, ENLARGE YOUR BRAIN and EYES! Not all pedestrian pathways are usable during the rainy season. Have that in mind! I mean, it should be there already! You were a measly pedestrian before right? NkT! Am so pissed off!! SHENZITYPES!!

I’ve always vowed that, that day I have my own ride, I shall try my level best to drive carefully especially during rainy days and puddled roads. Because I don’t want to be on the receiving end of such rants. Today I was splashed on with muddy brown water by like three drivers. And they didn’t even look back or wave to apologize. Its so so annoying! Kwanza imagine this scenario, you’re wearing your best under the yucky circumstances and some lunatic decides he’s in too much of a hurry and won’t be on the look out for puddles on the road and *SPLASH!!* He sprays you with the latest release from the heavens and dots your outfit with an unwanted patchwork of mud and muddy water! NKT!!

Ujinga kama hii hatutaki! NKT!



On the flip side, we could complain to kanjo and blame them for not doing their work properly by ensuring that drainages actually work and that roads don’t harbour holes that breed puddles! We could smack them in the face with our wet and muddy clothes and tell them to do the laundry for its their fault. But as we are humans, its easier to blame the ‘weaker’ one of the equation. #SadReality.

In the end, I think we can work things out amicably. If you own a car and you are reading this and have on occasions done the above to anyone, SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!! Now, next time, do be on the look out for those yucky puddles and slow down. It won’t hurt. Fine, you might be honked at, but at least you know you’ll have put a smile on some faces. Especially the chiq who wore white on such a day and you slowed down so as not to splash water on her. #MakesSense right?

Have a ‘muddy-spots’-free day won’t you!

*Over & Out*


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addiction. cant fight it. dunno why donno how it just comes. its so annoying effing annoying. no wonder i say dont ask. DADT dont ask dont tell. no not that us thingy they have going on just my vomit of nonsense on this keyboard.

nina kazi. job. mob sana. but ebu ona kile nafanya saa hii.. kiwabore na upuzi…reminds me of that ad….

muache ushenzi……..mufanye uungwana…..

am nuts! when did i ever begin this? kweli? seriously? chaukweloh! na wacha nicomplain kidogo. am not getting votes! mschew…siringi…nafeel vibaya tu…..kidogo tu….naskia kajelooh! eeh ebu kwanza click here

click here and vote!! eeh vote for me for moi…ME I THINK nimewekwa hapo kwa “Action”….kwani umesoma hii ya nini? ppshh!

imagine dont hate me. am nice. am the nicest person ul ever meet. maybe kinda insane….as in kwani hujasoma? haha! halafu kama nimeweka strikethrough na haijatokea shida yako! nyinyi wordpress al sue ya a&#@#$ kabisa!¬†am gonna sue. eeh. hiyo sijaweka

basicallly this is a boring crazy silly stupid way of wasting time for someone being paid effing shillings to use some bongolala and make the company some chumsr…eerrm….organisation some.,..err..what do we do again???

I am smarter than this!

na sasa ukitaka kuona photo credit angalia hapo down usome…eh…

byes byes


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