Bye Bye Micry!

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My beloved “Microwave…‘Micry’” is gone. GONE!!


I can’t believe it.


No further comments! I will survive. I will be strong.


Now if only mshahara was nearby…*sigh*


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Me I Don’t Go Out

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Yea, its true. Well, not that much anyway. Why? I have no frigging idea! Maybe its the fact that I am such an economist! Very much. I am really obsessed with how much I spend on anything. Even when I’m supposed to be having fun! It can be frustrating at times because then it means that instead on focusing on having fun I am focusing on hown much that fun is making a dent on my bank account! It makes me hate myself sometimes because it means I don’t have so much fun as id want to…though I don’t even know how much fun I wanna have because the last time I was out was, in simple terms, tenee!!!

But I wanna change, slightly. I wanna start going out more. I wanna be able to go out and have fun like my friends and not worry too much about how much is going down the drain of my throat! I wonder if thats even concievable! The thought of gobbling down drinks and entry fees without even stopping for a while to think about the consequences!

I grew up very saintly. Really, I did. By saintly I mean, I never did drugs, I never did alcohol, that is, too much of it. I was part of C.U.(Christian Union) all the way from primo. I was indeed saintly. And it went on when I came out of high school. Up to now, I don’t see why people drink a lot. In the first place I find beer to taste terribly awful yuuck even!!! I have never understood how people can drain like a whole crate of that into their system #nooffence people!

When I do go out, I usually have like one or two drinks and never more than that. I’m a girl and when you’re taking stuff like pretty blacky or royal red, you tend get drunk quite fast. And as far as I can remember, I have never gotten drunk, i.e. when am this older. The last time I got really drunk was when I was in 5th Grade and was at a get-together of sorts where my older cousin spiked my fanta with safari cane! It was horrible! I immediately got drunk and started wailing to my mom about feeling dizzy and laughing while at it. I fell on the stairs way too many times and finally blacked out in the living room infront of everyone while I was replaying my famous poem that made me number one in a recent competition! You simply had to be there! I still don’t know how I can remember all that!!

Anywhoo, you get the gist. Drinking ain’t my thing. And I know someone will tell me how oh, you don’t have to drink when you go out and bla bla bla…oh come on! Who believes that!!!

All I can say for now is that when my time comes, you will not recognize me!

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