Merry Xmasy New 2011!!

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I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year!

Yea I know, a little too late for that no? Sorry people, been my time for ‘west and wewaxation’ Hehe..

Its been a great Christmas and I am overly thankful to the Almighty for making it happen.

I kinda feel bad that I didn’t have much to write this period. And I feel even worse for not writing what happened on this day here and to @Wamathai for not putting up a post on the events of the day. My mind has been elsewhere. So many things running through it. But not to worry. I just cant wait for the new year. I have so many expectations.

Someone told me to keep my expectations low. That way, when they hit high, I shall be more than happy about them and when they hit low, well, I wont be too disappointed. So even if I have many expectations this coming year, I shall keep that in mind. I will do everything in my power to see them come through but still keep my head held high when things don’t quite make it as planned.

In case you haven’t read it yet, go to @Nkirdizzle’s blog and read my guest post among other guest posts. I think it was on of the only ones I managed to churn out this few weeks.

Keep the faith!

*Over & Out*

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Nairobi, Kenya, December 17, 2010

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The day finally arrives TOMORROW! So prepare yourselves people. Check out the event details, the facebook page and follow their tweets for more. Let us make a difference! I got this post from a fellow supporter.


For years, sex workers across the globe have suffered abuse at the hands of clients, the police and the general public who look down upon them because of the line of work that they have chosen.

Sex workers are now working towards a revolution and many are standing in solidarity with them to see a change, which requires everyone to start treating sex workers like human beings with civil and human rights, rather than criminals.

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This event was created to call attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers all over the globe. You can read more about this here.

On Friday, 17th December, 2010, this event will be marked in Kenya for the first time and will include a silent street procession, information about sex worker rights issues, testimonies by sex workers who have experienced violence, short film screenings, a riveting spoken word performance by Wanjiku, music, poetry, theatre and dance by sex worker groups and children of sex workers and a candle light vigil to remember sisters and brothers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Speakers will include Peninah Mwangi, Willy Mutunga, Dorothy Ogutu from the Kenya Sex Workers Alliance, Zawadi Nyong’oEsther Passaris, and many more.

The silent public procession will start at Koinange Street, and ending at the Sarakasi Dome, in Ngara, where the rest of the programme will be held.

You can also read a collection of short stories about sex workers and their experiences here.

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Be Careful What You Wish For…

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… cause you just might get it!

Have you ever wished for something then it happened, just like that? Maybe good… like wishing a friend would call ’cause you were going through a rough patch… or bad… like the pic on the left (haha!)…

We always hear that “if wishes were horses….” and we know how it ends. But don’t you sometimes wish you could wish for something and the wish ACTUALLY comes true?? Isn’t that going to be something!?

I find the mind to be an amazing asset to the human race. Capable of so many things. Definitely most of them appear imaginary and, as they say, “wishful thinking” but what amazes me is the ability. The fact that we can actually dream and imagine things and (even if we brush them off) still wish they’d come true.

Of course most of these things are dependent on a number of things for them to come to pass. Could be they require money, or breaking someone’s heart, or doing something that counters your dream….

One thing though, I never stop dreaming. Despite how weird or crazy the dream might seem. And I put them down on paper. I ensure I keep it somewhere I know I will constantly look at and focus on it. It helps me keep on my toes. Keep headstrong to achieve these dreams. Even the “obviously outlandish” ones!

Remember my wish list? Its still ongoing. I was forced to get No.2 because of this but I’m planning to get No.4 by end year and No.1 by Feb if things work out as planned. See! I’m already achieving those dreams that seemed out of reach *maexcitos*!!

Make a wish list today.

*Over & Out*

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Monday Rant!

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Seriously, its such a glorious day in Nairobi, do I really have anything to rant about? No, why should I spoil it by saying mean and nasty things that have been bugging me for the past week? Naah.. its not gonna happen. Noserie!

  1. Do you ever think that sometimes it sucks being human? I mean, not being able to be perfect? Well it bothers me at times. Knowing that I can suck at any time and mostly when I expect not to suck. It sucks to know that you suck! Does that make sense?
  2. Do rich people have it easy? There are a bzillion things I wonder about being rich. I often wonder, does it make it easier just to have everything on your plate? Think about it. I sometimes look at how rich people are and just Thank God I’m not rich! Weird, no?
  3. Why is it that Kenyans we’re so daft so silly we can’t vote for our own KENYANS on Tusker Project Fame???? Need I say more? I mean, y’all let another Ugandan take this thing? WTF!! Mnaenda dome mnapiga noise for Amileena & Steve but noooooo y’all don’t wanna spend your money on ’em! NKT! I swear next time iende Uganda coz we Kenyans ain’t as loyal as we pretend to be! #WhyLie!
  4. Yea yea yea, we all say this but honestly I’m tired of us Kenyans voting in the same ol same ol crap crop of people in and out of Parliament!!! And then we sit back and watch the show as the fight and scheme and back stab one another! Am effing pissed off at what WE have done. Because guess what, their mess is OUR MESS! We are their employers!!! NKT!!
  5. No, am not ranting anymore. Its a beautiful day outside…. much like this one ‘ere 😉


Enjoy your country!



*Over & Out*


Thank GOD Its Furahiday!

Damn this year has flown by so fast! And that month too! Its December people!!!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend

Naazing! Job and rest. Keeping it simple 😉

I’ve been craving


Today’s Inspirational Quote

*Over & Out*


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