Dear Readers

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Beloved Readers,

The Author of Me I Think is experiencing some form of blog-depression or writers block or something related to that stuff. In simple words, she cant find stuff to write about. And this is not the first time its happening to her. Yes, before she has been able to write about the same thing but this time round its worsened. However, she asked me to send you all her sincerest apologies and a message asking for forgiveness or something related to that.

In addition to that, she asked me to tell you all the things that she feels has been bugging her and bogging her down and that she was waaaay too ‘swamped’ to do it herself (I think that’s just a laaame excuse, no?)! Sooo….here goes.

First of all, she reealy reeally wants to do the Mombasa posts. She tells me she has been meaning to write them over the last few days (mph! Gal its been like a week already!) but there’s always something making it hard to do so. I asked her why she says “posts” and she says that her intention was to make like three of them! I told her it was too ambitious…she almost fired me!

Secondly, she’s been whining about all the work she has to do. I told her this: “fire me if you want but to hell with your whining! Kwani you think jobs grow on trees? Ama some dude called Moses will raise his arms held by other two dudes ati calling on God for sijui manna from wherever? STFU and get back to work…kwani u think those readers will go anywhere..u think am gonna be paid by who?….unaona ni kaa hizi guccii fake zinahandwo mugundaini???..nkt!!!..kaarikii nawe!?”. She fired me there and then.

Thirdly and I think last (but not least-we are forced to say that by some grammatical teacher from sijui where), she has this thing she’s been playing in her mind about (playing in her mind?? Ara??). Its about “mapoko”. That’s all she told me. Don’t ask! Ati mungojee.

The last thing she told me to say was that at least you guys have something to read and enjoy but it will be boring seeing that its a sort of apology letter (boring my a**). That y’all have a nice time and hopefully she’ll be back with full swing.


Joliea’s Assistant (a.k.a. alter-ego!)

*Over & Out*

Another Short Post…

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Multitasking! pc.

basically what i am trying to say is that i am swamped with work, i wanna blog but sina time, job ni mingi na im bummed kabisa! even punctuating this post is a tussle coz nataka kuiandika fasta fasta ndio nirudi job. gosh! didnt know writing in swa was so much harder! jeez!

anyhoo, i will get time to do a constructive post and maybe pick one of the many activism topics i have at hand. ziko mingi and i wanna have them posted. i don’t like forgeting things and i shouldnt forget to post.

nurse my errors please!



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I have nothing. I have stuff to say but I just cant get them out of my mind and into words. And I wonder if its that sijui block thing.

Blank Mind...

I wonder.

The point is, I have nothing.

No. Not today.

Maybe kesho.

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