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This must be the first time I’m doing a scheduled post. And the post has good things. It is very short though… So here goes…




My vote is..


*Over and Out*


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TGIF!!! Thank God Its Furahiday!

I am excited about…

Several things. But for this bit, its the “Wamathai Exclusive” spoken word event. Can’t be more happier! Can’t wait! Hope to enjoy myself though since the last one was err…ish ish.

Today I am feeling…

Quite elated I must say. The office has virtually no one in, peeps are at the WAREMBO NI YES Rally or something else. At least I know that half the women are there hehe…a good initiative indeed. And I’m wearing green in solidarity! YAY!

The ngoma that’s kicking right now…

Rihanna – Te Amo <– Aki ya nani that song really! No, no words for it. Makes you wanna…ahem! You should watch it! Listening won’t do, WATCH IT. And I know its the men who will be drooling like dawgs they are LOL! Ahem!

On this weekend…

Gosh! Do I ever rest? I have some work to do Sato morning, then a session with Tazim Elkington (one amazing woman…gonna witness more awesomeness!) then if time allows imma go for anaa poetry gig. Sunday’s probably gonna be anaa #LazySunday just lounging away @ home and cursing at whoever has my micry err relaxing the day away. Or something else…who knows?

I am soooo craving…

Mmmmh! (darn cursed weather! NKT!)

I just wish that…

I wasn’t sitting where I’m sitting now 😦 Such a bad station. As in its stark right at the corridor and thus whoever passes can see what am doing. Considering my multitasking abilities and incessant refusal to stick to just one thing at a go for longer than 30minutes, I just hate it when its like all the time my bosses pass by and look at my comp they see a browser open. And what do you think they’re gonna be thinking? You guessed it. Darn it!

I really hope…

That when peeps vote on August 4th, THERE WILL BE NO VIOLENCE. #ThatIsAll.

I was inspired by…

Several posts done by Kawi. Honestly, she just made like two or three posts that left me thinking, “Kumbe am not the only one?” Go ahead, look at her work. Tis good. I have also been inspired by this friend of mine who has a kid, didn’t go through high school and now is a motivational speaker! I mean, he earns like twice the much I make! Na vile nilijicharaza high school! Tsk Tsk! Bravo to him 🙂

Have a super fragalistic friday y’all! 😀

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