A Crappy Valentine? Not entirely!

I’m not much of a fan of Valentines. I think it is way too overrated. I say this bearing in mind that yesterday I wore a red top! Someone actually told me that I subconcsiously wanted to wear red! I don’t know. For me, myconscious is clear!

I had a chilled out evening with mommy dearest in town at a very noisy joint full of people enjoying their vals as it were. For us, Valentine’s was an afterthought, an “Oh, and thanks for being my valentine!” kind of thing.

The reason this post has the above title is not because of the way the day went, it was because of the way it almost ended.

After I left to go home, I got tripped three times. All on my left leg. The first time I tripped, nothing happened. The second time, my sandal got loose. The third time, well… it cut off! I had to walk bare-left-foot for a ka-distance to a supermarket and buy new shoes! I was even lucky it was still early enough to get a supermarket in the first place.

So I bought a shoe, wore it, and went to take a bus home. I even left the idea I had to buy a bottle of wine for myself. Somewhere not too far from my stage but not close enough to walk home, the bus broke down! And it completely refused to get jumpstarted! Eish! We had to wait for the one that was behind to pick us up!

Yea. So was it a happy valentine? Not entirely!

Its 2012! Make Something Of Yourself

Happy New Year everyone! Yes! I know! I’ve been MIA!!! So deeply sorry for that. I guess work got the best of me and I totally lost my writing mojo (Why does everyone say that!)

Anyway, here’s to a sort of come back. And I ain’t making any promises. I will do my best to write posts every now and then. No promises though. I won’t say you’ll get a post once every week but that’s what I’m aiming for. At least one post. Reading and writing helps me improve, gives me somewhere to unleash, pour out my soul & stuff. Kinda like how my mind goes into thought mode when I’m in the shower! (Don’t ask!) Lets just say that these could be my new years resolutions.

I also hope to read, and comment more, on my fellow bloggers’ blogs. I have my google reader on and I will try my level best to keep up.

Hope you all have a marvellous, prosperous, fun-filled, challenge-filled year as I do!

*Over & Out*

Thar She *finally* Blogs!

Umm.. I wrote something.

Its available here >> http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=229505513761753

To my followers, subscribers and avid readers, so so sorry, I am curing my block. Its being carved off slowly. This is the beginning of a comeback!

Watch this space!







yu Kenya Hamko Serious!

Ati free calls? Hahaha!

I said this was gonna be a short post.

yu Kenya now has free yu to yu calls from 6am to 6pm.

Me thinks, this is gonna be like the time they had free smses all day n night.

Know what happened? Peeps bought the lines, vandalized the free stuff and when they put in a ka-charge of 1bob,


They ran so fast before yu could say “ni bob tu! ”

So let me laugh


Post By Email Feature

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WordPress has a new feature that isn’t so new. Its a “Post by Email” feature. I wanted to try it out and here is my first post using it!

Basically it allows me to do a post by sending an email to a specific email address for my blog generated by WordPress. I am already loving it. Its much like what Blogger also enabled sometime back.

Recently, updating my blog has been an uphill task. Nowadays I feel like I don’t want to be a copy-paste kind of person, where I say things already being said by others… then again that pretty much locks out my thoughts on a certain topic…. I am thought processing here!

Anyway, I will still continue to give my 7bob opinions (inflation iko juu tu sana!) as much as I can. Hope you can have a looksie at the Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter (if you don’t follow me already) for more!


NB: Sent from my Gmail Account 🙂

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