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Thank God Its Friday the 13th!! Spooky eh? 😀

Yaani peeps are reminding me to do the TGIF post! Thanks Nkirdizzle 🙂 *insert Wakanae’s voice here* Wewe ndie mwenyewe! Na kama hujui Wakanae ni nani kaa hivyo!

So its supposed to be a jinxed day eh? Haya wacha tuone. Me I know am covered by the blood! << (say it with a Bishop Wanjiru accent for better strength! Hehe!!)

I am excited about…

27th August!!! Imagine! Am so waiting that day when the promul..whatever is done to the new Katiba…which reminds me, have u watched this vid? >> Katiba Song by Kajairo (a remix of Daddy Owen’s Tobina hehe) its soo niiice! Ok back… that holiday nitajiejoyi kama vire Kifaki arisema…si ni razima katifa ifanywe hivo tuu..sio igine! LOL! I know am not funny, don’t bother telling me! Am planning something. Hope it works!

Today I am feeling…

Super dooper energy! I have been having ish ish days of late and today hasn’t been one of them so am so so so so so glad. *delete extra ‘so’s*… Meanwhile, I am trying to enjoy every day life (gosh did I just quote Joyce Meyer??) as I so wish. Am so glad I am alive, no, Am so so THANKFUL I am alive!!!

On this weekend…

Umm…apart from meeting a few friends and catching up on some work, nothing much is planned for the weekend. I am still refraining from going out and drinking myself silly for now…am actually saving up for 27th! That weekend imepangiwa mapema! But come to think of it, getting drunk once again ain’t such a bad idea is it? I mean, kwani?? Maybe leo 😀

I am soo craving…

A big fat chocolate covered fudge filled juicy yummy Sundae!! Its been a while I tell ya! Things girls do aki! SMH! And come to think of it, I didn’t have that much of a burger last week…but they were two! #NoteToSelf: Stop eating too much! Nkt!

Inspiration of the week…

Have a blessed week y’all!!!

*Over & Out*


Me I Think I Love Writing!

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Its almost 9.00 am in the morning and I am now back to work and very happy that I’m back. In my head is recurrent images of that night that I got drunk for the first time. Its funny by the way, I am gonna give a brief peek into what I did that night but then you will see how its tied to the title of my post.

So Friday 30th night (to Saturday 1st early morning) will go down in my history books as the first time I deliberately got drunk! The first time I ever got drunk I was like 8 yo and it wasn’t deliberate so that doesn’t count. I loved the excitement. I loved every bit of it that went down. I had like three margaritas, a mohito(sp), two black ice, a shot of Sambuca and finally a yellow cocktail who’s name I cant remember since by then I was just too wasted. And I wasn’t alone! I was with my pals and the place I went at least I had people I knew.

I am pretty sure that there has never ever been another day that I have danced like that ever! See how stressed that sentence is? I bet most of you think I am either naïve or simply young. Well, I am young yes, but naïve? No. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. I had to experience this so called drunkenness that almost 90% of Nairobi is obsessed with! I simply had to know why the eff everyone loves getting drunk. I personally don’t think its worth it and I mean that in every sense! Basically one of the things that puts me off is the amount of money I will be prolly be flushing down my throat. And thats why I’d be very happy with my Alvaros, Novidas and Sodas thank you very much!

In the end, I proved a point. That I could get drunk and live to remember it. Maybe I didn’t black out but I guess thats too bad because I don’t see a repeat of that happening any time soon! Why? Because my values haven’t changed. I still think that overindulgence is nothing but a waste of money and a threat to my ‘perfect’ body! But hey! If drinking is your thing, and you got the money, go ahead. Be my guest!


So back to why my post is titled as is. You know, I wonder if I can remember why I titled it that way. I guess am still kinda hangovered! Haha!

Have a sober week now wont you!

Me I Don’t Go Out

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Yea, its true. Well, not that much anyway. Why? I have no frigging idea! Maybe its the fact that I am such an economist! Very much. I am really obsessed with how much I spend on anything. Even when I’m supposed to be having fun! It can be frustrating at times because then it means that instead on focusing on having fun I am focusing on hown much that fun is making a dent on my bank account! It makes me hate myself sometimes because it means I don’t have so much fun as id want to…though I don’t even know how much fun I wanna have because the last time I was out was, in simple terms, tenee!!!

But I wanna change, slightly. I wanna start going out more. I wanna be able to go out and have fun like my friends and not worry too much about how much is going down the drain of my throat! I wonder if thats even concievable! The thought of gobbling down drinks and entry fees without even stopping for a while to think about the consequences!

I grew up very saintly. Really, I did. By saintly I mean, I never did drugs, I never did alcohol, that is, too much of it. I was part of C.U.(Christian Union) all the way from primo. I was indeed saintly. And it went on when I came out of high school. Up to now, I don’t see why people drink a lot. In the first place I find beer to taste terribly awful yuuck even!!! I have never understood how people can drain like a whole crate of that into their system #nooffence people!

When I do go out, I usually have like one or two drinks and never more than that. I’m a girl and when you’re taking stuff like pretty blacky or royal red, you tend get drunk quite fast. And as far as I can remember, I have never gotten drunk, i.e. when am this older. The last time I got really drunk was when I was in 5th Grade and was at a get-together of sorts where my older cousin spiked my fanta with safari cane! It was horrible! I immediately got drunk and started wailing to my mom about feeling dizzy and laughing while at it. I fell on the stairs way too many times and finally blacked out in the living room infront of everyone while I was replaying my famous poem that made me number one in a recent competition! You simply had to be there! I still don’t know how I can remember all that!!

Anywhoo, you get the gist. Drinking ain’t my thing. And I know someone will tell me how oh, you don’t have to drink when you go out and bla bla bla…oh come on! Who believes that!!!

All I can say for now is that when my time comes, you will not recognize me!

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