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Thank God Its Furahiday!!!

WOW! What a week! Its been good. Remember me bitching about not being good enough (or something close to that…) well… things are great! Ain’t I happy! #ThanksbetoGod!

On this weekend…

I'm moving!!!

I just wish…

… my plans for the future shape up. I’ve got tons planned. Am just hoping they all come to pass. HE has been good to me, and He’s never failed me. I’m glad I believe in HIM. I just cant see myself not believing! There are tons of reasons why I still believe despite finding myself question so many things people say about Him, to Him, against Him… etc. I just can’t.

Inspiration for the week…

Have a SUPER FRAGALISTIC Furahiday ma peepol!!!!

*Over & Out*


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Thank God Its Furahiday!!!

Yeah baeybey!! *insert Austin Powers voice n facial expressions* LOL!! But Fridays are overrated eh?

Today I am feeling

Kind of ish ish. Some skeletons from the closet have resurfaced and I need to deal with them. The good thing is that I am a different kind of person now. I don’t tolerate nonsense and I completely believe in people keeping it real and true to themselves. There are better things in life to look out for than poking noses into other people’s businesses!

I am thankful for…

…a lot of things. Notice I changed that from “I am excited about”. Reason being that I realised how much I have to be thankful for and somehow I never mention it. Granted I do mention it to myself now and then, but somehow one forgets to show how thankful one is. I am indeed thankful that I am alive, that my life is smooth (yes, it does have rough edges but that’s how life is), that I have loved ones who truly care, and that I am me; this wonderful person who loves humanity, unique and gifted, multitalented and amazing. All thanks to my Creator. *bows down in humility*

On this weekend…

It will be a busy one. But most of my weekends are indeed busy. So much to do so little time. In the end, I gain more and more. Oh, and I wanna begin watching True Blood. I wonder how that will play out. And of course, dealing with the skeletons. We all have them!

I am sooo craving…

Double chocolate fudge cake! Gosh the pic says all! 😛

I just wish…

…that life was easier, simpler. That people would stop meddling in other’s businesses. That they’d focus on their own lives. That we humans could deal with our inner selves and not focus on the outer. That we’d see that there is more to it than meets the eye. That human beings could live together in (more) harmony. That Kenya can weave itself out of tribalism, nepotism, neo-colonialism and other BS that we keep dealing with day in day out…. I could go on and on but I’ll leave that for another day.

This inspired me…

Thanks siz..she is inspiring!

Have a fantabulous Furahiday!

*Over & Out*

8 Random Facts About Me

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I was tagged by crazy @Mizcassandrae on her post here and duuh…i couldn’t resist. Not that I have much to say…maybe I do…maybe I don’t…maybe I do…okay I reeealy need to stop doing that!

8 Random Things (

Here are some 8 random facts about me.

1.   I am very open minded. Very very open minded. Extremely open mi…okay maybe am exaggerating it a lil bit! But its true. I tend to pick stuff quite easily without raising an eyebrow so much. Or at least without yelping in shock or squirming in disgust. Is that weird? Hope not! I tend to think its a good feature in me (Jeez! Ati feature? Kwani am a gadget! SMH!)

2.   I am unique. Very unique. Those who truly know me know what am talking about. And its no news. Something I got from my parents I think…. yea. Am unique. And am not alone. Don’t even ask…si this is random?

3.   I feel like am 5 years older than I truly am. ← that’s soo random!

4.   I am an only child. Its been cool. My family has two. Just me and my mom! Hopefully, I shall give my child a brother or sister and try to keep the dad around! (that sounded so bad! ‘try to keep the dad around’? SMH!)

5.   I am still undergoing ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)! Bado sijamaliza! Am at part two with only two papers passed 😦 I have like 4 more to go of these and then 5 in part three which I hear is the epitome of hell!

6.   I hate rumouring, sycophants, hypocrites, wanna-bes, pretenders, and anything else that people like to bandika themselves while hiding your true self! I simply don’t like pretenders!

7.   I loooove theatre! Don’t ask me why I ain’t there. I ask myself that question too over and over and over and over again! Sheesh! But not to worry. Plans are underway to ensure that I have my footing where it best fits. Not that am hating on my job…i love my job (*chanting* I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.) I really do. And it keeps me going. But watch this space people, you’ll see me on yo screens someday! Ngoja tu!

8.   I think am pretty. #ThereISaidIt!

Phew! That wasn’t too hard now was it?

Onwards with the tagging: I hereby tag thee


Coloseum and



*Over & Out*


My Wish List

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There are a coupla things I really wanna acquire! and I thought I could just list them here so I have a constant reminder to keep working hard to acquire them! mind you, this is just a short-term list so I expect to have these things in a year or so!

1. Microwave

I have been craving for a microwave for way too long! I think its time I got myself one! And yes, Sina!

LG Microwave...oh!(p.c. linked)

2. Phone

Imagine my baby “Microwave” is getting old! Na its only been 6 months. She turned 7 months jana *sigh* and she has begun misbehaving already. Now I need a replacement! SMH! Sina means :(. Lemme put a pic of one am eyeing… (Come to think of it…I have to be veeeery careful this doesn’t come back! WOi!)

Mmmh...Nokia 7230. (p.c. linked)

3. Laptop

Hopefully, I will have this one by the end of the year. And moreso am hoping it wont be me buying it! The need! Oh the need! Kazi iko mingi joh! Now, I don’t really know which one to get but I hear this one’s tha ish! Though I probably won’t get it coz its damn expensive!

Dell XPS 1530! Whoa! (p.c. linked)

4. Couch

Okay, I do have a couch in my house but its an old heirloom and I’d really want to have a new, cozy, sexy, wanna-have-sex-on, beauty in my living room! Who doesn’t. My design looks kinda like this one.

Oh how lovely! (pc: linked)

5. 32″ Plasma TV

I saw several of these being displayed in supermarkets and Electronic shops and I really started thinking about getting one. Why? Because for the longest time plasma (or LCD if you like) TVs have been out of the reach of many a Kenyan’s pocket. I mean, the price for a 32″ one was kedo 40K ama? Now I see one being displayed at a going price of 26K!? I was like I must panga to get that! Aki! Currently I have a 14″ which I am proud of. The plasma I saw looked something like this.

🙂 Aaw if only... (pc: linked)

7. Music System

In all honesty, I have NO radio! None whatsoever! The one I have doesn’t qualify! And enuff said.

8. 6 by 6 Bed

I have a nice bed. Can’t complain! (Thanks Mommy!) So this one can come later. But who wouldn’t wanna sleep like this? >> Will be better if my (future) king brings me this ‘king’ LOL!

Actually mine's a smaller version of this! But the look! My! (pc: linked)

9. Duvet

I will get one EXACTLY like the one above :P!! Before my king comes! hehe..

And Last but not least……..drumroll………

10. CAR!!

Javving is sooo nice! NOT!!!! I am pretty sure if we all had our way we’d teleport to wherever we wanted to go. But since this aint the year 3010, we make do. For a start, I am looking at a teeny tiny car like i love a vitz a Toyota Duet or my new-found love…

I want I want I want!!! Toyota IST! (pc:

There you have it.

Wish me luck! 😀


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