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WordPress has a new feature that isn’t so new. Its a “Post by Email” feature. I wanted to try it out and here is my first post using it!

Basically it allows me to do a post by sending an email to a specific email address for my blog generated by WordPress. I am already loving it. Its much like what Blogger also enabled sometime back.

Recently, updating my blog has been an uphill task. Nowadays I feel like I don’t want to be a copy-paste kind of person, where I say things already being said by others… then again that pretty much locks out my thoughts on a certain topic…. I am thought processing here!

Anyway, I will still continue to give my 7bob opinions (inflation iko juu tu sana!) as much as I can. Hope you can have a looksie at the Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter (if you don’t follow me already) for more!


NB: Sent from my Gmail Account 🙂

WordPress Eh!

Yes. I am here. I am back. Back to WordPress. Again. Its weird. Very weird…no not weird! I’m the weird one. I keep going back and forth. Something hits me and I just have to write. Just have to blog. I guess thanks to akina @Chiira and the likes for promoting WordPress that much. I wonder…will this become a sort of personal journal or simply a medium for sharing my thoughts? Will I have the courage to relay my personal stuff here? Will I really? Ok, maybe not all, but I guess I will. Somehow. Or not.

So here’s to new beginnings…again! Here’s to WordPress…for reeling me in again. Lets see who wins. Lest see if I will love this better than the other one. Lest see if I will make this a reality. Someone out there will ask me.”kwani nini mbaya na wewe? How many blogs do you have?” then I will tell them, I cant help it. I am addicted. Addicted to writing. Relaying my mind out.

That’s why I came up with the title. It catches my Nairobiness, my Kenyanness, where I go “Me I think…” and the rest follows. Whatever the topic of the day is…i will always start by saying me I think that so and so bla bla bla…see!

Okay. Enough blabber for today. Lets see what gives!

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