Writers Block?

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There is this thing called “Writer’s Block”. I guess it exists. I wonder why. Though some people say it doesn’t exist. I wonder who invented it. Basically, for me, this is what happens.

You get to your computer in the morning, open your browser and say to yourself, “hey, I haven’t done a post in a while eh? Oh well I’ll do one later.” And before you know it, that day is gone. Passed. Ended. The following day comes and the same thing happens. Only this time you say, “hey, I thought I was to do a post jana? Kwani what happened? Oh well, I’ll do one later.” And again, the day passes.

I thought about doing this post while I was making myself a cup of coffee. The thought of warming up was already making me warm inside. Then I began thinking about all the work that I have to do. I remembered again the post my dear siz Kawi did the other day and thought about it for a while. I too had asked myself such questions many many times before. But that was not the point of today’s post. Today’s post was about the fact that I have that thing. Writers Block. Writing is a sort of passion for me. Something I get a high on. And even when I write I feel nice even knowing that my english may not be on point or when I know I have several spelling mistakes here and there or even the arrangement of my words is way off! I still do it. I still write. I like writing, its obvious right?

And we are many. Many bloggers. I wish you could see my google reader! You’d be amazed. Maybe its just me thinking I have many blogs am trying to keep up with. But even I know that not all my readers keep up with my writing.

There you have it people. A post has been made. I feel better now. Hehe. Maybe its an addiction. You have that buzz in your ear telling you ”hauja-post kitu…hauja-post kitu…”. And you feel awful. Its like You’re betraying your readers. Waiting, no, yearning for fresh content. And then when it finally comes out…theyre like “Kwani whats up with this chic? Hii tu ndio angeandika? This is the only thing she could write?”

All in all, I am satisfied. I have written. Maybe some day I shall be able to be more consistent with my writing and my content. Maybe not. And the best thing is, I follow me!

Over and Out.



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addiction. cant fight it. dunno why donno how it just comes. its so annoying effing annoying. no wonder i say dont ask. DADT dont ask dont tell. no not that us thingy they have going on just my vomit of nonsense on this keyboard.

nina kazi. job. mob sana. but ebu ona kile nafanya saa hii.. kiwabore na upuzi…reminds me of that ad….

muache ushenzi……..mufanye uungwana…..

am nuts! when did i ever begin this? kweli? seriously? chaukweloh! na wacha nicomplain kidogo. am not getting votes! mschew…siringi…nafeel vibaya tu…..kidogo tu….naskia kajelooh! eeh ebu kwanza click here

click here and vote!! eeh vote for me for moi…ME I THINK nimewekwa hapo kwa “Action”….kwani umesoma hii ya nini? ppshh!

imagine dont hate me. am nice. am the nicest person ul ever meet. maybe kinda insane….as in kwani hujasoma? haha! halafu kama nimeweka strikethrough na haijatokea shida yako! nyinyi wordpress al sue ya a&#@#$ kabisa! am gonna sue. eeh. hiyo sijaweka

basicallly this is a boring crazy silly stupid way of wasting time for someone being paid effing shillings to use some bongolala and make the company some chumsr…eerrm….organisation some.,..err..what do we do again???

I am smarter than this!

na sasa ukitaka kuona photo credit angalia hapo down usome…eh…

byes byes


My Wish List

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There are a coupla things I really wanna acquire! and I thought I could just list them here so I have a constant reminder to keep working hard to acquire them! mind you, this is just a short-term list so I expect to have these things in a year or so!

1. Microwave

I have been craving for a microwave for way too long! I think its time I got myself one! And yes, Sina!

LG Microwave...oh!(p.c. linked)

2. Phone

Imagine my baby “Microwave” is getting old! Na its only been 6 months. She turned 7 months jana *sigh* and she has begun misbehaving already. Now I need a replacement! SMH! Sina means :(. Lemme put a pic of one am eyeing… (Come to think of it…I have to be veeeery careful this doesn’t come back! WOi!)

Mmmh...Nokia 7230. (p.c. linked)

3. Laptop

Hopefully, I will have this one by the end of the year. And moreso am hoping it wont be me buying it! The need! Oh the need! Kazi iko mingi joh! Now, I don’t really know which one to get but I hear this one’s tha ish! Though I probably won’t get it coz its damn expensive!

Dell XPS 1530! Whoa! (p.c. linked)

4. Couch

Okay, I do have a couch in my house but its an old heirloom and I’d really want to have a new, cozy, sexy, wanna-have-sex-on, beauty in my living room! Who doesn’t. My design looks kinda like this one.

Oh how lovely! (pc: linked)

5. 32″ Plasma TV

I saw several of these being displayed in supermarkets and Electronic shops and I really started thinking about getting one. Why? Because for the longest time plasma (or LCD if you like) TVs have been out of the reach of many a Kenyan’s pocket. I mean, the price for a 32″ one was kedo 40K ama? Now I see one being displayed at a going price of 26K!? I was like I must panga to get that! Aki! Currently I have a 14″ which I am proud of. The plasma I saw looked something like this.

🙂 Aaw if only... (pc: linked)

7. Music System

In all honesty, I have NO radio! None whatsoever! The one I have doesn’t qualify! And enuff said.

8. 6 by 6 Bed

I have a nice bed. Can’t complain! (Thanks Mommy!) So this one can come later. But who wouldn’t wanna sleep like this? >> Will be better if my (future) king brings me this ‘king’ LOL!

Actually mine's a smaller version of this! But the look! My! (pc: linked)

9. Duvet

I will get one EXACTLY like the one above :P!! Before my king comes! hehe..

And Last but not least……..drumroll………

10. CAR!!

Javving is sooo nice! NOT!!!! I am pretty sure if we all had our way we’d teleport to wherever we wanted to go. But since this aint the year 3010, we make do. For a start, I am looking at a teeny tiny car like i love a vitz a Toyota Duet or my new-found love…

I want I want I want!!! Toyota IST! (pc: worldcarfans.com)

There you have it.

Wish me luck! 😀


Me Sing At A Karaoke? UGKMO!


This is my first time using Plinky.com. Its supposed to help bloggers beat writers-block by asking you random questions which you answer and they get posted as blog posts. Kinda cool eh?

Well, let me see how this one goes.

So the question I picked is about me singing my fave songs at a karaoke bar. Hmmm…..I aint much of a singer but well, these are three ladies I absolutely love (Apart from AJolie…don’t even get me started!) and I would almost immediately jump into singing their songs. Of course I do consider that I have quite a deep voice than average and that can be a disadvantage and therefore I say, “We aint all the same!” Ama?

There you have it. Three songs I’d sing in a karaoke bar. My numero uno being Alicia Keys. Damn she gats talent! Second up is Beyonce…I must be knowing the lyrics to half her songs!!!! And last but not least Riri my gurl! She be young bur she be gone bad nowadays…sporting a reddy hair on top area while the rest of her head is clean shaven! SMH!

Love U guys! 😀

Karma by Alicia Keys


Bye Bye June!

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Seems everyone is doing an “end month post” eh? Haya basi. Here is mine.

Do I have a topic? No, not really but lets see what I come up with.

No by the way I ain’t saying much. Just to say that June has really been a tough month for me and I surely hope July eases up. Well, who doesn’t like challenges? I love them! So let them come! I will show you that when I say I am a unique kinda ladey I ain’t joking! Ha!

Kwanza those frustrations… washana nazo! Zikwende kabisa. I gained from them.

Oh and by the way. Si this is a totally random post? ok.

Deds to kw. She/He has been such a darling! (woiye pliz forgive me! en clarify!) Always here. Following my posts, my ups and downs, my everything. Me I Think…that s/he deserves a clap, nay an applause! Aki ya nani I gats no beef with my other ardent readers…ni vile tu…yani. Enyewe this clap is to all of y’al too for being so nice!! :*

Na wengine wale ambao wananaipenda (and everyone else who love me) I LOVE YOU TOO! MWAH! MWAH!

Have a fruitful, challenging, great month of July!

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