Nairobians and Rainy Traffic

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If there is one thing that every other Nairobian knows is a menace is traffic. Believe you me, no one likes it one bit. And me writing about it, doesn’t make it any news or something.

But if there is one thing that amazes me with Nariobians is the way when just a little rain eve if it has just rained for like 5 minutes, kila mtu goes haywire. Everyone owning a car suddenly “has to rush somewhere” or must leave immediately “to avoid traffic”. I wonder, what are you avoiding? If anything you are the cause of the menace that is Nairobi roads during rush hour! And even with that, why is it called rush hour anyway? Why cant it just remain a hour? Regular hour? Does it have to be rush? Ok, I sound like a broken record talking about this since its not just here that we experience mind-boggling traffic. But enyewe, even if I havent been to a place like Mumbai, aki ya nani Nairobi traffic is sometimes just too much. And this escalates tenfold when a little rain pours. We go crazy. Matatus operators look up and thank the heavens since now they can charge us in dollars! Even the grounded sickly coughing cars now get a new lease of life (not!) just because someone hataki kunyeshewa. Kwani? Is it a disease?

Jana (March 30th 2010) I stayed at the bus stop for an hour. Why? Every goddam mat is stuck somewhere in thika road, better known as jam road! The repairs look like they will take forever! I was rained on, I had left my umbrella at home (goodness me!) and since Nairobi planning is pathetic, nay, that’s an understatement, neandathal, everywhere was flooded with yucky brown water that threatened the life of my shoes and pedicure!

To top it all off, I missed an episode of the most watched show in Kenya (IMHO) Sortilegio or Love Spell on Citizen at 8pm. Ooh my sweet Alejandro I missed you :(!!!!

Alejandro and Maria Hose

It is times like those that make you wish you had a car, or better yet, lived in shags!

So, after bitching around for not having a car, being stuck in town for two hours (and because of my own stupidity and frustrations) and finally being dragged through rain without an umbrella, Me I Think that it would be nice, by maybe 2012, to be passing through a nicer, more beautiful Nairobi such as this one, don’t you think?

Artist’s impression of the proposed overpass at Globe Cinema roundabout

|Speedin – Mario|

Jason Derulo…so so DREAMY!!

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I must admit, I rarely write about such things. But seeing that I want to share everything about me here with th rest of the world in the hopes of “making it a better place” (so cliché!!) I have just decided to bite my lip and give props where due! Gosh he’s so hot!!

Since the coming of “Whatcha say” and “In my head” I tell you I have gotten hooked! Completely! I love him! I love his music, his style and all. Ok, fine. He does seem to sound alil like Mario IMO but all the same, those two songs really do for me! I just cant get enough of his songs!! Granted, just like many other musicians, not all his songs end up being hits but all the same I love them.

Jason Derulo

You can catch his music here.

p.s. I’m gonna hate myself for good for not blogging about Beyonce and Gaga before him!!! Seriously!!! But, I shall write something about that Telephone video they did. Just my thoughts on it. Love it to death!!

WordPress Eh!

Yes. I am here. I am back. Back to WordPress. Again. Its weird. Very weird…no not weird! I’m the weird one. I keep going back and forth. Something hits me and I just have to write. Just have to blog. I guess thanks to akina @Chiira and the likes for promoting WordPress that much. I wonder…will this become a sort of personal journal or simply a medium for sharing my thoughts? Will I have the courage to relay my personal stuff here? Will I really? Ok, maybe not all, but I guess I will. Somehow. Or not.

So here’s to new beginnings…again! Here’s to WordPress…for reeling me in again. Lets see who wins. Lest see if I will love this better than the other one. Lest see if I will make this a reality. Someone out there will ask me.”kwani nini mbaya na wewe? How many blogs do you have?” then I will tell them, I cant help it. I am addicted. Addicted to writing. Relaying my mind out.

That’s why I came up with the title. It catches my Nairobiness, my Kenyanness, where I go “Me I think…” and the rest follows. Whatever the topic of the day is…i will always start by saying me I think that so and so bla bla bla…see!

Okay. Enough blabber for today. Lets see what gives!

|Linkin Park, Jay Z – NumbEncore|

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