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My beloved readers, Wassup!!

Ok, so I was approached by Juliet Maruru of The Princess Project (K) to be doing a weekly post from their blog (hope you’ve clicked the link o-sth.) and because its a girls’ project, I couldn’t say no! The weekly post will be appearing on Tuesdays unless otherwise stated.

Enjoy the read my lovelies!

Arranging Your Bags of Gold

Posted: August 13, 2010 by lybelious punk in Uncategorized

Everybody wants money. All of us want to have financial security and some of us have this need for exaggerated wealth. That is why from the moment we reach the age of majority we start thinking about the future and how we can make it sunny by earning money, investing it and saving it as well. This week the Marvin Tumbo, an economics wizard, gives us some insight on financial planning and the importance of getting the right information from the right people.

Financial Industry Blogging

I would like to see a Kenyan blog on unit trusts, on hedge funding, on futures and options, on mortgage financing and how not to buy a house on a road reserve, on banking in general, on the NSE and CMA, on financial ethics, on insurance – all types of insurance, on financial advice, on how-to’s like how to choose one bank over another based on your financial needs and how to make online transactions safely etc. A blog taking apart the accounts being ran by the various banks – the charges, hidden charges, benefits, loopholes etc, basically, a blog on everything finance – from simple to complex concepts. Read the rest here.

This week the book review is on A Durable Fire by Barbara and Stephanie Keating. The book tells a very interesting story of loss, revenge and love that reminds me of Gaby’s story in the Creekside Series. The review by Stella Riunga gives a thorough insight on the book that you would not want to miss out on.

Don’t forget to check out Poetic Wednesday on Poetic License and comment and vote for your favorite poem.

Webisode 7 of Creekside Princess- The Big City will be ready for you next week and Gaby will be playing detective after the fiasco that harassed her in A Mystery.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a superb weekend.

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Now Licenced With Creative Commons!

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Thanks to…

… I have now licensed my work. All my writing is now protected. Fine, I don’t mind reproduction, but its good to know you asked to reproduce and you credited me for my work.

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What Is This “Asexuality” Thing?

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The other day I read a very interesting post written by @cdohnio on his blog and since I’ve always wanted to know about asexuality, I read more on the links he provided.

He gladly allowed me to ‘borrow’ his post and here it is.

An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction. Unlike celibacy, which people choose, asexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are. Asexuality does not make our lives any worse or any better, we just face a different set of challenges than most sexual people. There is considerable diversity among the asexual community; each asexual person experiences things like relationships, attraction, and arousal somewhat differently. Asexuality is just beginning to be the subject of scientific research.

Asexual people have the same emotional needs as anyone else, and like in the sexual community we vary widely in how we fulfill those needs. Some asexual people are happier on their own, others are happiest with a group of close friends. Other asexual people have a desire to form more intimate romantic relationships, and will date and seek long-term partnerships. Asexual people are just as likely to date sexual people as we are to date each other.

Sexual or nonsexual, all relationships are made up of the same basic stuff. Communication, closeness, fun, humor, excitement and trust all happen just as much in sexual relationships as in nonsexual ones. Unlike sexual people, asexual people are given few expectations about the way that our intimate relationships will work. Figuring out how to flirt, to be intimate, or to be monogamous in a nonsexual relationships can be challenging, but free of sexual expectations we can form relationships in ways that are grounded in our individual needs and desires.

Many asexual people experience attraction, but we feel no need to act out that attraction sexually. Instead we feel a desire to get to know someone, to get close to them in whatever way works best for us. Asexual people who experience attraction will often be attracted to a particular gender, and will identify as lesbian, gay, bi, or straight.

For some sexual arousal is a fairly regular occurrence, though it is not associated with a desire to find a sexual partner or partners. Some will occasionally masturbate, but feel no desire for partnered sexuality. Other asexual people experience little or no arousal. Because we don’t care about sex, asexual people generally do not see a lack of sexual arousal as a problem to be corrected, and focus their energy on enjoying other types of arousal and pleasure.

Note: People do not need sexual arousal to be healthy, but in a minority of cases a lack of arousal can be the symptom of a more serious medical condition. If you do not experience sexual arousal or if you suddenly lose interest in sex you should probably check with a doctor just to be safe.

Most people on AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network) have been asexual for our entire lives. Just as people will rarely and unexpectedly go from being straight to gay, asexual people will rarely and unexpectedly become sexual or vice versa. Another small minority will think of themselves as asexual for a brief period of time while exploring and questioning their own sexuality.

There is no litmus test to determine if someone is asexual. Asexuality is like any other identity- at its core, it’s just a word that people use to help figure themselves out. If at any point someone finds the word asexual useful to describe themselves, we encourage them to use it for as long as it makes sense to do so.

I hope this has opened the eyes of more people out there 🙂

Hi. I’m Joliea and I am a BLOGAHOLIC!

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(This is re-post from my old blog. Just thought of it!)

I am officially back into the blogging world! Sounds weird huh? Considering I started another one on wordpress, another one on, another one on tumblr…need I go on? Seriously I am just addicted! Addicted to writing, sharing my views and putting them on paper and what better way of doing this than by basically sharing it with the ENTIRE WORLD! LOL! I amuse myself sometimes. But you know what, I like this and I aint gonna stop. In fact, I will be posting anything and everything. I hope to make mind-fucking posts that will provoke people’s minds (and mine too!) into thinking harder and reasoning more and bla bla bla…all that sh*t!

So there. Ive done it. Im back in bizness. If you think its boring, I don’t wanna force you to read it…move along thank you very much!

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