Say Hi!

So, here lies a collection of my thoughts, dreams, aspirations, rants and raves, and much much more. The title? I am Kenyan. And an ardent Nairobian. We go about saying “Me I Think…” something something. Isn’t it?

So that’s me!

Extreme open-mindedness,unique being full of Love for Life. Philosophy: Live and Let Live; Practice Peace Love Unity & Respect

40 Responses to “Say Hi!”

  1. cdohnio Says:

    Can I say I’m a founder member of this blog? Who knows what name you’d be using if not for me!:) Good job though!

  2. Nana Says:

    Hey! Just ‘discovered’ your blog. I like 🙂

  3. Nana Says:

    In that case the feeling is mutual 🙂

  4. Raymond Says:

    I’m loving your blog!!!!!…. Thumbs up….up….up….Waaaaaaaayyyy UP!

  5. kadinyaa Says:

    Sema mrembo. Check out ma blog sometime. Nice colors u got here.

  6. Keiwua Says:

    Hey I like your blog…alot keep it up and I cant wait to see more

  7. nickae Says:

    av jst realized this 1 is urs 2. Bin readin it 4 a while n it neva realy clickd. Me likey many. 🙂

  8. nickae Says:

    i meant the princess project

  9. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  10. mrsmwiti Says:

    I like your blog. Its interesting and there is always fresh content. Keep it up 🙂

  11. kri1987s Says:

    krissykrease saying hi here! i love what you’re doing here, how you put your stories into how u think. that is just marvelous and you shouldn’t fail to keep doing that and more. you got some shit stuff thats cool (rebellious) in some kind of way. Your blog is exquisite and maintain the felicity. Just be you and continue giving us (your readers) and all who wanna kiss your ass, some good content. Don’t charge us.

  12. Tony Hillier Says:


    Am visiting Shanzu Beach 8-21 Nov 2010.

    Have you any Poet contacts please over that way locally or in Mombasa perhaps.


    Tony Hillier

    Swindon (UK) Community Poet

  13. Aloe Legal Says:

    Love your blog big time : )

  14. mwas Says:

    Me I like wat u doin!…. 🙂

  15. michaelngigi Says:

    very nice blog. i like it!

  16. therhetoricsway Says:

    quit being a ”Nairobian”. that’s only if you okay with being claustrophobic.. 🙂 lovetah.

  17. dismus Says:

    hello its dismus … uganda … hope all is well… the page is great

  18. 10movies africa Says:

    Hello, I was going doing research online on kenyan films and television and google led me to you. interesting stuff. I however searched your page for a contact email or something and couldn’t figure that out. Please do reply preferably via my email on how I can get in touch. c’est very urgent and important. will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  19. erick ndungu gathirwa Says:

    Thanks for your openness to all.Can I ask you,how is the Kenyan film industry going to improve yet unknown writers like me are not given a chance to showcase their talents.i.e,Nobody wonna buy my scripts.they want me to fund the production cost yet I’ve got nothing!!!!!!!!

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