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WordPress has a new feature that isn’t so new. Its a “Post by Email” feature. I wanted to try it out and here is my first post using it!

Basically it allows me to do a post by sending an email to a specific email address for my blog generated by WordPress. I am already loving it. Its much like what Blogger also enabled sometime back.

Recently, updating my blog has been an uphill task. Nowadays I feel like I don’t want to be a copy-paste kind of person, where I say things already being said by others… then again that pretty much locks out my thoughts on a certain topic…. I am thought processing here!

Anyway, I will still continue to give my 7bob opinions (inflation iko juu tu sana!) as much as I can. Hope you can have a looksie at the Facebook Page and follow me on Twitter (if you don’t follow me already) for more!


NB: Sent from my Gmail Account 🙂

Bride Price = Slavery ‘Mamboleo’?


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I pose the question today: Is Bride Price/Dowry a ‘cute’ ‘fomantic’ form of slavery mamboleo?

I was listening to Jalang’o and Larry today on Kiss FM and they were discussing the topic. I was very surprised that within the period I was listening, which was about an hour, the time it takes me to prepare most mornings, I only heard one woman call. All the rest were men. And all of them were saying that bride price is determined by bla bla bla. My issue here is not how one determines the amount to give, (they went on and on about how it is determined by the age, beauty, schooling, beauty, etc etc bla bla bla fishcake!) but about whether or not it is right to pay dowry.

The way I think, I usually try to look at an issue on both sides. Let me see what I can come up with:

1. It is one way for the man to appreciate the parent(s) of the wife-to-be for taking good care of her. Okay, but what about the man? How come no one appreciates his parent(s)?

2. It gives the woman a sense of pride in herself knowing that she is of value to the man. Of value? So she’s a commodity you pick from the shelves in the local market?

3. It is our culture. Well, we’ve had so many other cultures that we’ve left because they have become either irrelevant or harmful or something else. Its not a valid argument.

Okay, I could go on but honestly, I am just not for bride price or dowry. I just don’t think its right. No matter how someone justifies it to me, I will still see it as a transaction. Cash for bride. Jalang’o was even comparing it to getting a really good car from the showroom. Cash for car. No difference. The way I see it, it is just a ticking time bomb. And we have witnessed such scenarios before. Where the man says “Woman, you belong to me! I bought you for Ksh.XXXX. That’s your worth!” Or the vice versa, “Wewe mwanaume unaringia nani na tunajua ulitoa ng’ombe tano tu ndio unioe! Ebu nikome!”

My 5 cents.

Happy Father’s Day Mom!

The 'Dad' who wears the pants in the family!

I love my mom! And today, a day late, I honour her for being my dad. I am an only child. Its always been just me and mom. Dad left kitambo and I’ve never missed him. Never.

I wanna thank, from the bottom of my heart, the one person who has been there for me through thick and thin, through my trials and tribulations, through my joys and my happy days, being the father I never had.

Thank you mom!

I love you Mom!!!

#30DC: Day 3: My Friends

I’v been complaining about bloggers block of late. And then I remembered there was something I started a while back and I’ve never really finished it. So here is my new attempt at finally finishing it and yelling *hooray* at my achievement. *sigh* . What am I talking about? The 30 Day Challenge.

I’ve already done Day 1 and Day 2, so here’s Day 3: About my friends.

Ok. SO, I have friends. And I love my friends. But I got to be honest. This is not a topic I am veeery comfortable with. I’ve had friends who’ve stabbed me in the back before. Friends who I held dear at on time only to turn around and mess me up. This is one of the reason why I am not so so comfy with the matter.

Who is an ideal friend to me? Whenever I think of the subject I always think of the many many shows on telly that feature a group of pals who hang out together. Take for example a show like “How I met your mother“. Quite an interesting mix of friends there, no? But the baseline is, they’re friends and they like each other’s company, all the time. I like that. They share their lives together, criticise each other, make each other laugh, hold each others’ hands when times are tough, always have each others’ backs and so forth. Its admirable.

"I got yo back buddy"

I’m not sure I’ve had that. I can’t really tell. I run the risk of stepping on some toes so, kindly forgive me. I am trying to. For quite sometime I’ve been one to take care of myself and be able to understand myself better than anyone else and now I am trying to be extra open to others and share… its a process.

Yea, touchy-feely post this is huh?!

And there, that’s about my friends.

Blogger’s Block Yet Again!

Yes! I have to admit it. I am finding it harder and harder to keep up! And its killing me. I hate it! I hate it kabisa. Not being able to write is not something I wanted to be a trend for me. I love writing. I love doing what I do. So Imma let my mind spill out what it is thats bugging me.

Thing is, I don’t know what causes it. Bloggers block. But since this is what it is (I think) then Imma write about it. Even reading blogs has become an issue! I used to be so into all that, tweeting, blogging etc… recently its not a trend. I wonder what happened.

Oh well, time will tell. The time will come when I shall once again be able to wow myself, and you my reader, with some pretty good stuff here Smile hehe! did i just say that??

Untill then, I shall post whenever I can. Yes I will, yes I shall.

In the meantime, do follow me on twirra, and catch me on mkz.

Happy weekend people, be safe!

*Over & Out*

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