Be Careful What You Wish For…

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… cause you just might get it!

Have you ever wished for something then it happened, just like that? Maybe good… like wishing a friend would call ’cause you were going through a rough patch… or bad… like the pic on the left (haha!)…

We always hear that “if wishes were horses….” and we know how it ends. But don’t you sometimes wish you could wish for something and the wish ACTUALLY comes true?? Isn’t that going to be something!?

I find the mind to be an amazing asset to the human race. Capable of so many things. Definitely most of them appear imaginary and, as they say, “wishful thinking” but what amazes me is the ability. The fact that we can actually dream and imagine things and (even if we brush them off) still wish they’d come true.

Of course most of these things are dependent on a number of things for them to come to pass. Could be they require money, or breaking someone’s heart, or doing something that counters your dream….

One thing though, I never stop dreaming. Despite how weird or crazy the dream might seem. And I put them down on paper. I ensure I keep it somewhere I know I will constantly look at and focus on it. It helps me keep on my toes. Keep headstrong to achieve these dreams. Even the “obviously outlandish” ones!

Remember my wish list? Its still ongoing. I was forced to get No.2 because of this but I’m planning to get No.4 by end year and No.1 by Feb if things work out as planned. See! I’m already achieving those dreams that seemed out of reach *maexcitos*!!

Make a wish list today.

*Over & Out*

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8 Random Facts About Me

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I was tagged by crazy @Mizcassandrae on her post here and duuh…i couldn’t resist. Not that I have much to say…maybe I do…maybe I don’t…maybe I do…okay I reeealy need to stop doing that!

8 Random Things (

Here are some 8 random facts about me.

1.   I am very open minded. Very very open minded. Extremely open mi…okay maybe am exaggerating it a lil bit! But its true. I tend to pick stuff quite easily without raising an eyebrow so much. Or at least without yelping in shock or squirming in disgust. Is that weird? Hope not! I tend to think its a good feature in me (Jeez! Ati feature? Kwani am a gadget! SMH!)

2.   I am unique. Very unique. Those who truly know me know what am talking about. And its no news. Something I got from my parents I think…. yea. Am unique. And am not alone. Don’t even ask…si this is random?

3.   I feel like am 5 years older than I truly am. ← that’s soo random!

4.   I am an only child. Its been cool. My family has two. Just me and my mom! Hopefully, I shall give my child a brother or sister and try to keep the dad around! (that sounded so bad! ‘try to keep the dad around’? SMH!)

5.   I am still undergoing ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)! Bado sijamaliza! Am at part two with only two papers passed 😦 I have like 4 more to go of these and then 5 in part three which I hear is the epitome of hell!

6.   I hate rumouring, sycophants, hypocrites, wanna-bes, pretenders, and anything else that people like to bandika themselves while hiding your true self! I simply don’t like pretenders!

7.   I loooove theatre! Don’t ask me why I ain’t there. I ask myself that question too over and over and over and over again! Sheesh! But not to worry. Plans are underway to ensure that I have my footing where it best fits. Not that am hating on my job…i love my job (*chanting* I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.) I really do. And it keeps me going. But watch this space people, you’ll see me on yo screens someday! Ngoja tu!

8.   I think am pretty. #ThereISaidIt!

Phew! That wasn’t too hard now was it?

Onwards with the tagging: I hereby tag thee


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*Over & Out*


Pressure Pressure Pressure!

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I wish I was made of stone.

That should be the title of today’s post. Because I really feel like it would be better if I was made of stone. Or brick perhaps. That I would be unbreakable. Unshakeable even. Strength notwithstanding. Somehow even the words that come out of my mind and are written here have that mellowness that I so wish sometimes didn’t exist.

Do you, my ardent and beloved readers, sometimes read my stuff and think, “hey, she really does write weirdly you know…” or something like that? Because even as I write this, I actually think that. And believe me, I am a spontaneous writer. I rarely plan ahead, I think it and I write it. Hence the title of my blog. Which by the way I might add, could have disappeared if it wasn’t for @cdohnio‘s coaxing! LOL!

Back to the point now. At this moment, at this very moment, I simply wish I knew it all. I wish I could handle it all. With a click of a button, or a snap of my fingers. I have so much to do, so little time. But even as I play that phrase in my mind I realise how wrong it is. We all have the same time. Basically, the time is as is. Never changing. Cant go back. But its up to us to determine how we spend it. Whether we are going to be consumed by distractions, or our little addictions that we believe have gone away only to realise later that we replaced them with others…whether we are going to fix our minds to focus on that which is more important. As in, there is so much to consider mpaka at times, I think, we spend a whole deal considering it all, rather than doing it.

Wait just a minute…did all that make any sense?


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Anyhoo, I simply hope, and pray, that even when my mind wanders and makes mistakes on my behalf (LOL! Saa ni nini hiyo?) that the mistakes made make sense…somehow.(SMH!) and that my delusions make strides in my life. (SMHS!!).

Lets see. I shall not succumb to it. Rather…i will let it flow. Let it go. Let it be. As it has always been. Make improvements. Be me. Improve me. Make do. You know, be the best that I can be.

p.s. I know a lot of what I have written may or may not make any sense, but it makes perfect sense to me. Now the question you may want to ask yourself is… is your perfect sense my perfect sense?


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I have nothing. I have stuff to say but I just cant get them out of my mind and into words. And I wonder if its that sijui block thing.

Blank Mind...

I wonder.

The point is, I have nothing.

No. Not today.

Maybe kesho.

Oh Wheeer……is my Mind!?

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Of late I have gotten this ill behaviour of reaching the office and the first thing I do is read blogs. I am turning into a blogwhore OMG!! #Hownow? Seriously things have to change. I said it before and I will say it again. Its jeopardising my job sometimes, not always. But then again I love it, I love it I said that thrice!

So is there a cure? Well, no. oh I just answered myself. There comes a time my daughter that you reach a point of no return and the only cure in the world is to poke at….ok what the hell am I saying??

Blah! Scratch that. I am now lost.

Help me find my mind!

p.s. I will be going for minor surgery next week so may I be in your prayers and mentions to your God. AMEN!

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