Poetic Me!

Yea. I have a poetic side of me.

The other day we had a short conversation and it went something like this.

“So Barbrathepoet, how did you start poetry?”

“Oh I cannot tell, I just think that somehow, for some people, it comes naturally.”

“Really? How?”

“Umm….I don’t know by the way. All I do is unleash from the cauldron of my mind and voila! Stuff come out!”

“Sounds exciting!”

“I’m not too sure. I cannot judge myself. I think I’m amazing yes, but its the readers who can say more, no?”

“You’re absolutely right. Lets see what they think.”

“And they better not be saying those words.”

“Which words?”

“Those words. You know, ‘Me I…’. Its soo Kenyan!”

“Yea I know!”


“Okay, we better stop.”


Oh… what a talk!

You be the judge. Here lies my poetry. At Wamathai.com. Great website with great stuff. Have a looksie!

Barbra Jolie.

3 Responses to “Poetic Me!”

  1. Ellen Wanjiru Says:

    I love the name Barbra Jolie. Sounds funky. I’m adding you to my blogroll on vent09.blogspot.com. Feel free to do the same..www.ellensdoor.com


  2. Ghafla!Guy Says:

    Hello. I just found out your name is Barbra Jolie! 🙂 I’m a frequent reader/commenter of your blog.
    I was wondering whether it would be possible to get my blog on your blog roll?
    Here’s my blog

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