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TGIF!!! Thank God Its Furahiday!

I am excited about…

Several things. But for this bit, its the “Wamathai Exclusive” spoken word event. Can’t be more happier! Can’t wait! Hope to enjoy myself though since the last one was err…ish ish.

Today I am feeling…

Quite elated I must say. The office has virtually no one in, peeps are at the WAREMBO NI YES Rally or something else. At least I know that half the women are there hehe…a good initiative indeed. And I’m wearing green in solidarity! YAY!

The ngoma that’s kicking right now…

Rihanna – Te Amo <– Aki ya nani that song really! No, no words for it. Makes you wanna…ahem! You should watch it! Listening won’t do, WATCH IT. And I know its the men who will be drooling like dawgs they are LOL! Ahem!

On this weekend…

Gosh! Do I ever rest? I have some work to do Sato morning, then a session with Tazim Elkington (one amazing woman…gonna witness more awesomeness!) then if time allows imma go for anaa poetry gig. Sunday’s probably gonna be anaa #LazySunday just lounging away @ home and cursing at whoever has my micry err relaxing the day away. Or something else…who knows?

I am soooo craving…

Mmmmh! (darn cursed weather! NKT!)

I just wish that…

I wasn’t sitting where I’m sitting now 😦 Such a bad station. As in its stark right at the corridor and thus whoever passes can see what am doing. Considering my multitasking abilities and incessant refusal to stick to just one thing at a go for longer than 30minutes, I just hate it when its like all the time my bosses pass by and look at my comp they see a browser open. And what do you think they’re gonna be thinking? You guessed it. Darn it!

I really hope…

That when peeps vote on August 4th, THERE WILL BE NO VIOLENCE. #ThatIsAll.

I was inspired by…

Several posts done by Kawi. Honestly, she just made like two or three posts that left me thinking, “Kumbe am not the only one?” Go ahead, look at her work. Tis good. I have also been inspired by this friend of mine who has a kid, didn’t go through high school and now is a motivational speaker! I mean, he earns like twice the much I make! Na vile nilijicharaza high school! Tsk Tsk! Bravo to him 🙂

Have a super fragalistic friday y’all! 😀

Writers Block?

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There is this thing called “Writer’s Block”. I guess it exists. I wonder why. Though some people say it doesn’t exist. I wonder who invented it. Basically, for me, this is what happens.

You get to your computer in the morning, open your browser and say to yourself, “hey, I haven’t done a post in a while eh? Oh well I’ll do one later.” And before you know it, that day is gone. Passed. Ended. The following day comes and the same thing happens. Only this time you say, “hey, I thought I was to do a post jana? Kwani what happened? Oh well, I’ll do one later.” And again, the day passes.

I thought about doing this post while I was making myself a cup of coffee. The thought of warming up was already making me warm inside. Then I began thinking about all the work that I have to do. I remembered again the post my dear siz Kawi did the other day and thought about it for a while. I too had asked myself such questions many many times before. But that was not the point of today’s post. Today’s post was about the fact that I have that thing. Writers Block. Writing is a sort of passion for me. Something I get a high on. And even when I write I feel nice even knowing that my english may not be on point or when I know I have several spelling mistakes here and there or even the arrangement of my words is way off! I still do it. I still write. I like writing, its obvious right?

And we are many. Many bloggers. I wish you could see my google reader! You’d be amazed. Maybe its just me thinking I have many blogs am trying to keep up with. But even I know that not all my readers keep up with my writing.

There you have it people. A post has been made. I feel better now. Hehe. Maybe its an addiction. You have that buzz in your ear telling you ”hauja-post kitu…hauja-post kitu…”. And you feel awful. Its like You’re betraying your readers. Waiting, no, yearning for fresh content. And then when it finally comes out…theyre like “Kwani whats up with this chic? Hii tu ndio angeandika? This is the only thing she could write?”

All in all, I am satisfied. I have written. Maybe some day I shall be able to be more consistent with my writing and my content. Maybe not. And the best thing is, I follow me!

Over and Out.


#SwaWed: Swahili Wednesday

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Imerudi tena!

Na ninashangaa kama nitaweza kuiendelesha trend hii.

Lakini naona umuhimu wake. Labda sitaandika mengi kwa sababu kiswahili yangu sio nzuri lakini kujaribu kwangu kunaonyesha kuwa ninataka kuendelea kujikumbusha na kuiendeleza. Na ndio maana utaona nikifanya posti kama hii katika lugha hii.

Kile ambacho kinanisumbua sasa hivi ni kwamba mara nyingi sisi wakenya, na haswaa wakaazi wa Nairobi, hatupendi kuitumia lugha yetu ya taifa vizuri. Kile ambacho tunapenda kufanya ni kuongea katika kiingereza sana na hapa na pale tutatumia sheng na mara kidogo sana labda lugha ya mama. Lakini Kiswahili sanifu kilitupiliwa mbali.

Ata ninavyosema hivo, mimi mwenyewe najijua. Nakumbuka kule nilipokuwa nafanya kazi mbeleni wafanyikazi wenzangu walikua wana mazoea ya kutumia lugha ya mama kila wakati. Tena accent yao ilikua nzito sana hata mimi mwenyewe karibu niishike! Halafu nilipoingia kampuni hii nipo sasa, kila mtu anatumia kiingereza. Wengine ni wamarekani, na wengine ni kama wametoka bado kuko huko marekani. Kupambana nao basi ilikua ni shida mno. Mimi nilikua nimezoea sheng na kiingereza tu ile kidogo kidogo hapa na pale. Baadaye nilizoea na mambo yako shwari. Lakini kama sasa najua mwalimu yeyote ambaye ataiangalia posti hii atacheka sana akitoa makosa hapa na pale. Sijui niseme nini.

Nikitamatisha posti hili, naapa ya kwamba, nitajaribu iwezekanavyo kuiendelesha Swahili Wednesday / Swahili Jumatano.

Naapa pia nitaendelea kuijulisha na lugha hii na kujaribu kusoma vitabu vilivyoandikwa katika kiswahili ili niiendeleze na kuimarisha lugha yangu kwa kuandika na pia kwa kunena.

Naipa shukran au Kamusi Project kwa kunisaidia kutafsiri maneno mengine ambayo nimeyatumia hapa.


Wamathai Exclusive!!!

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Haya. Now that you’ve done that, remember this event? Well, seeing that there were tons of people there (that pic is from @cdohnio‘s blog) decided to have another better one than the last one. Dubbed “Wamathai Exclusive” the event will only have 100 guests who shall need to call for tickets in advance.

Don’t even think about missing it!!! I know I wont! 😀 will host another spoken word event on Thursday, the 5th of August 2010 and the program is as follows:

Other Details

Date: Thursday 5th August

Venue: VIP Secrets Lounge, View Park Towers Nairobi

Time: 7.00 PM till Late

Charges: Kshs. 300 in Advance

The tickets  are only 100  so reserve yours as soon as possible by calling/texting 0722352239 or emailing wamathai(at)

Come and enjoy a unique night of poetry & music!

There you have it!

Hapa down kuna link ya ku-share…so do the deed! Share away!


Bye Bye Micry!

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My beloved “Microwave…‘Micry’” is gone. GONE!!


I can’t believe it.


No further comments! I will survive. I will be strong.


Now if only mshahara was nearby…*sigh*


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