#30DC: Day 3: My Friends

I’v been complaining about bloggers block of late. And then I remembered there was something I started a while back and I’ve never really finished it. So here is my new attempt at finally finishing it and yelling *hooray* at my achievement. *sigh* . What am I talking about? The 30 Day Challenge.

I’ve already done Day 1 and Day 2, so here’s Day 3: About my friends.

Ok. SO, I have friends. And I love my friends. But I got to be honest. This is not a topic I am veeery comfortable with. I’ve had friends who’ve stabbed me in the back before. Friends who I held dear at on time only to turn around and mess me up. This is one of the reason why I am not so so comfy with the matter.

Who is an ideal friend to me? Whenever I think of the subject I always think of the many many shows on telly that feature a group of pals who hang out together. Take for example a show like “How I met your mother“. Quite an interesting mix of friends there, no? But the baseline is, they’re friends and they like each other’s company, all the time. I like that. They share their lives together, criticise each other, make each other laugh, hold each others’ hands when times are tough, always have each others’ backs and so forth. Its admirable.

"I got yo back buddy"

I’m not sure I’ve had that. I can’t really tell. I run the risk of stepping on some toes so, kindly forgive me. I am trying to. For quite sometime I’ve been one to take care of myself and be able to understand myself better than anyone else and now I am trying to be extra open to others and share… its a process.

Yea, touchy-feely post this is huh?!

And there, that’s about my friends.

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

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Five interesting facts about me

Wow! That’s a tough one. Okay here goes.

1. Am an avid blogger! Oh yes, that may not sound like much (I do that a lot…something called modesty) but I really love blogging and I try as much as possible to put up a post every day and write from the bottom of my heart. I have been told that my writing is good and it is real since its never planned! Yea, number 1 part ‘b’ is that I don’t plan for my blog posts! Ain’t that interesting?

2. I’m very very very open minded. Or I tend to think I am! I can embrace virtually anything and very little puts me off. Someone can tell me anything and I will be like ‘oh really? Okay’ …as in it doesn’t get me that much. For example (disclaimer: this may put you off!) I was being told of how men have this g-spot somewhere inside their rectums….i was like wow! And how is it accessed? You stick your finger in it? So one of the thoughts I had was, how many men would agree to that? Eh? How many??

3. (am already scratching my head…gai 5!!) Okay. Me I think being an only child with about 20 cousins is quite interesting! And furthermore, of my mom’s siblings – i.e. my aunts and uncles – she’s the only one who had one kid! Talk about being lonesome!

4. (well not as interesting but hey!) I have schooled in boarding schools as from class four to form four!!! That’s a whole nine years meen!! me thinks that’s interesting. Sijui wewe.

5. (phew!) I never get fat! The last time I remember being somewhat ‘overweight’ was when I was in pre-unit! I was really short and fat and looked like a gnome! LOL! Then I grew older and got skinnier! I was so skinny after aki! Then to make matters worse I was a late bloomer. Just like a stick and in form one! Woi! The only thing guys found attractive was my face and legs (sic!)!! (okay maybe av exaggerated but who cares?! Its my blog!!)

There you have it lassies and lads! Five facts. Sijui kama nimemake! Hehe! You tell me! No, am serious…please do…unaona hapo chini…yea…comments section…tumia!

*Over & Out*

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30 Day Challenge!

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Today is one of those days. Bored. Not feeling it. Bleh! Bleh! Bleh!

But I choose not to go with the flow. The flow here being myself. The other me is taking sides. And slapping the bored me right smack in the face and telling her, “You can kiss my cute butt goodbye!”  I sure wish her the best though, they still live in one body. Hmm..where was I..oh! 30 Day Challenge! I got this from a friend and thought I should give it a try. Sounds interesting, no?

Day 1: 5 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 2: The meaning behind your name.
Day 3: About your friends.
Day 4: About your family.
Day 5: A photo of something you really hate.
Day 6: A song that makes you cry.
Day 7: Your crush.
Day 8: Something you hate about yourself.
Day 9: Your definition of love.
Day 10: Your best friend.
Day 11: A letter to one of your exes.
Day 12: Your favorite female group.
Day 13: Your least favorite female group.
Day 14: Something you love about yourself.
Day 15: What you would if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant.
Day 16: A photo that makes you smile.
Day 17: A photo that makes you want to cry.
Day 18: A letter to someone you miss.
Day 19: A habit you wish you didn’t have.
Day 20: A letter to your parents.
Day 21: Short goals you wish to fulfill by the end of the month.
Day 22: Your nicknames & why you have them.
Day 23: What you would find in your bag.
Day 24: A song that makes you smile.
Day 25: How you found out about blogger & why you made one.
Day 26: First 10 songs to play on shuffle on your iPod.
Day 27: Your fashion style.
Day 28: What attracts you to someone.
Day 29: Future plans/goals.
Day 30: Who are you?

By the time I get to no.30 I wonder if I shall be able to define the question. Maybe that’s the point. Yea, I think that’s the point!

So lets get on with it!

p.s. Its not like its gonna be every friggin day! Al pick random days mpaka when am done. Cool!!

Challenge yourself today!

*Over & Out*


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