Blogger’s Block Yet Again!

Yes! I have to admit it. I am finding it harder and harder to keep up! And its killing me. I hate it! I hate it kabisa. Not being able to write is not something I wanted to be a trend for me. I love writing. I love doing what I do. So Imma let my mind spill out what it is thats bugging me.

Thing is, I don’t know what causes it. Bloggers block. But since this is what it is (I think) then Imma write about it. Even reading blogs has become an issue! I used to be so into all that, tweeting, blogging etc… recently its not a trend. I wonder what happened.

Oh well, time will tell. The time will come when I shall once again be able to wow myself, and you my reader, with some pretty good stuff here Smile hehe! did i just say that??

Untill then, I shall post whenever I can. Yes I will, yes I shall.

In the meantime, do follow me on twirra, and catch me on mkz.

Happy weekend people, be safe!

*Over & Out*

Writers Block?

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There is this thing called “Writer’s Block”. I guess it exists. I wonder why. Though some people say it doesn’t exist. I wonder who invented it. Basically, for me, this is what happens.

You get to your computer in the morning, open your browser and say to yourself, “hey, I haven’t done a post in a while eh? Oh well I’ll do one later.” And before you know it, that day is gone. Passed. Ended. The following day comes and the same thing happens. Only this time you say, “hey, I thought I was to do a post jana? Kwani what happened? Oh well, I’ll do one later.” And again, the day passes.

I thought about doing this post while I was making myself a cup of coffee. The thought of warming up was already making me warm inside. Then I began thinking about all the work that I have to do. I remembered again the post my dear siz Kawi did the other day and thought about it for a while. I too had asked myself such questions many many times before. But that was not the point of today’s post. Today’s post was about the fact that I have that thing. Writers Block. Writing is a sort of passion for me. Something I get a high on. And even when I write I feel nice even knowing that my english may not be on point or when I know I have several spelling mistakes here and there or even the arrangement of my words is way off! I still do it. I still write. I like writing, its obvious right?

And we are many. Many bloggers. I wish you could see my google reader! You’d be amazed. Maybe its just me thinking I have many blogs am trying to keep up with. But even I know that not all my readers keep up with my writing.

There you have it people. A post has been made. I feel better now. Hehe. Maybe its an addiction. You have that buzz in your ear telling you ”hauja-post kitu…hauja-post kitu…”. And you feel awful. Its like You’re betraying your readers. Waiting, no, yearning for fresh content. And then when it finally comes out…theyre like “Kwani whats up with this chic? Hii tu ndio angeandika? This is the only thing she could write?”

All in all, I am satisfied. I have written. Maybe some day I shall be able to be more consistent with my writing and my content. Maybe not. And the best thing is, I follow me!

Over and Out.


Pressure Pressure Pressure!

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I wish I was made of stone.

That should be the title of today’s post. Because I really feel like it would be better if I was made of stone. Or brick perhaps. That I would be unbreakable. Unshakeable even. Strength notwithstanding. Somehow even the words that come out of my mind and are written here have that mellowness that I so wish sometimes didn’t exist.

Do you, my ardent and beloved readers, sometimes read my stuff and think, “hey, she really does write weirdly you know…” or something like that? Because even as I write this, I actually think that. And believe me, I am a spontaneous writer. I rarely plan ahead, I think it and I write it. Hence the title of my blog. Which by the way I might add, could have disappeared if it wasn’t for @cdohnio‘s coaxing! LOL!

Back to the point now. At this moment, at this very moment, I simply wish I knew it all. I wish I could handle it all. With a click of a button, or a snap of my fingers. I have so much to do, so little time. But even as I play that phrase in my mind I realise how wrong it is. We all have the same time. Basically, the time is as is. Never changing. Cant go back. But its up to us to determine how we spend it. Whether we are going to be consumed by distractions, or our little addictions that we believe have gone away only to realise later that we replaced them with others…whether we are going to fix our minds to focus on that which is more important. As in, there is so much to consider mpaka at times, I think, we spend a whole deal considering it all, rather than doing it.

Wait just a minute…did all that make any sense?


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Anyhoo, I simply hope, and pray, that even when my mind wanders and makes mistakes on my behalf (LOL! Saa ni nini hiyo?) that the mistakes made make sense…somehow.(SMH!) and that my delusions make strides in my life. (SMHS!!).

Lets see. I shall not succumb to it. Rather…i will let it flow. Let it go. Let it be. As it has always been. Make improvements. Be me. Improve me. Make do. You know, be the best that I can be.

p.s. I know a lot of what I have written may or may not make any sense, but it makes perfect sense to me. Now the question you may want to ask yourself is… is your perfect sense my perfect sense?

Me I Think I Love Writing!

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Its almost 9.00 am in the morning and I am now back to work and very happy that I’m back. In my head is recurrent images of that night that I got drunk for the first time. Its funny by the way, I am gonna give a brief peek into what I did that night but then you will see how its tied to the title of my post.

So Friday 30th night (to Saturday 1st early morning) will go down in my history books as the first time I deliberately got drunk! The first time I ever got drunk I was like 8 yo and it wasn’t deliberate so that doesn’t count. I loved the excitement. I loved every bit of it that went down. I had like three margaritas, a mohito(sp), two black ice, a shot of Sambuca and finally a yellow cocktail who’s name I cant remember since by then I was just too wasted. And I wasn’t alone! I was with my pals and the place I went at least I had people I knew.

I am pretty sure that there has never ever been another day that I have danced like that ever! See how stressed that sentence is? I bet most of you think I am either naïve or simply young. Well, I am young yes, but naïve? No. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. I had to experience this so called drunkenness that almost 90% of Nairobi is obsessed with! I simply had to know why the eff everyone loves getting drunk. I personally don’t think its worth it and I mean that in every sense! Basically one of the things that puts me off is the amount of money I will be prolly be flushing down my throat. And thats why I’d be very happy with my Alvaros, Novidas and Sodas thank you very much!

In the end, I proved a point. That I could get drunk and live to remember it. Maybe I didn’t black out but I guess thats too bad because I don’t see a repeat of that happening any time soon! Why? Because my values haven’t changed. I still think that overindulgence is nothing but a waste of money and a threat to my ‘perfect’ body! But hey! If drinking is your thing, and you got the money, go ahead. Be my guest!


So back to why my post is titled as is. You know, I wonder if I can remember why I titled it that way. I guess am still kinda hangovered! Haha!

Have a sober week now wont you!

WordPress Eh!

Yes. I am here. I am back. Back to WordPress. Again. Its weird. Very weird…no not weird! I’m the weird one. I keep going back and forth. Something hits me and I just have to write. Just have to blog. I guess thanks to akina @Chiira and the likes for promoting WordPress that much. I wonder…will this become a sort of personal journal or simply a medium for sharing my thoughts? Will I have the courage to relay my personal stuff here? Will I really? Ok, maybe not all, but I guess I will. Somehow. Or not.

So here’s to new beginnings…again! Here’s to WordPress…for reeling me in again. Lets see who wins. Lest see if I will love this better than the other one. Lest see if I will make this a reality. Someone out there will ask me.”kwani nini mbaya na wewe? How many blogs do you have?” then I will tell them, I cant help it. I am addicted. Addicted to writing. Relaying my mind out.

That’s why I came up with the title. It catches my Nairobiness, my Kenyanness, where I go “Me I think…” and the rest follows. Whatever the topic of the day is…i will always start by saying me I think that so and so bla bla bla…see!

Okay. Enough blabber for today. Lets see what gives!

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