Its 2012! Make Something Of Yourself

Happy New Year everyone! Yes! I know! I’ve been MIA!!! So deeply sorry for that. I guess work got the best of me and I totally lost my writing mojo (Why does everyone say that!)

Anyway, here’s to a sort of come back. And I ain’t making any promises. I will do my best to write posts every now and then. No promises though. I won’t say you’ll get a post once every week but that’s what I’m aiming for. At least one post. Reading and writing helps me improve, gives me somewhere to unleash, pour out my soul & stuff. Kinda like how my mind goes into thought mode when I’m in the shower! (Don’t ask!) Lets just say that these could be my new years resolutions.

I also hope to read, and comment more, on my fellow bloggers’ blogs. I have my google reader on and I will try my level best to keep up.

Hope you all have a marvellous, prosperous, fun-filled, challenge-filled year as I do!

*Over & Out*

#My5Links: My Five Links

I was tagged by @Wamathai on this post. Gosh! This is so hard! But anyway, here goes!

1. My most popular post: 30 Day Challenge!

This surprised me! Till now I haven’t even got to Day 5! And yet its been the most popular one as yet. I guess I should do it justice and post away, no?

2. Post that didn’t get the attention it deserved: Invisibility of the Intersex

Well I can’t hide the fact that this is a soft spot for me. Intersexuality issues are dear to me since it is one of those issues that are still “hush-hush” and moreso largely misunderstood and ignored. I hope some day I do more than just talk and blog about this. Its gonna happen for sure.

3. Post whose success surprised me: The Bob Marley Post 

I did this post like almost immediately I learnt of the anniversary of his death. Honestly, its not like I loooove Bob ati that much or anything, but the post sure got its accolades and pulled in traffic. It is the other high ranking one after the number 1.

4. My most controversial post: Enough of the Gay Bashing!

I’m not sure if its the ‘most controversial’ but I think it sparks controversy. That among other posts and moreso the type in which most don’t want to engage on. Anyway, its there.

5. Post I’m most proud of: The Google Android Phone Review

Well, I’m usually proud of my posts. I mean, why not? They’re my work, no? Okay okay, not all the time but still…

I am proud of this since I really worked hard on it… as in I scraped my head out for it, wrote notes, drafted and edited etc etc. Most of my writing is raw and un-edited.

Oh and my very first post!!! I’m proud of that one too 😀

And there is my 5 links!!

I herby tag thee….

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Blogger’s Block Yet Again!

Yes! I have to admit it. I am finding it harder and harder to keep up! And its killing me. I hate it! I hate it kabisa. Not being able to write is not something I wanted to be a trend for me. I love writing. I love doing what I do. So Imma let my mind spill out what it is thats bugging me.

Thing is, I don’t know what causes it. Bloggers block. But since this is what it is (I think) then Imma write about it. Even reading blogs has become an issue! I used to be so into all that, tweeting, blogging etc… recently its not a trend. I wonder what happened.

Oh well, time will tell. The time will come when I shall once again be able to wow myself, and you my reader, with some pretty good stuff here Smile hehe! did i just say that??

Untill then, I shall post whenever I can. Yes I will, yes I shall.

In the meantime, do follow me on twirra, and catch me on mkz.

Happy weekend people, be safe!

*Over & Out*

Writers Block?

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There is this thing called “Writer’s Block”. I guess it exists. I wonder why. Though some people say it doesn’t exist. I wonder who invented it. Basically, for me, this is what happens.

You get to your computer in the morning, open your browser and say to yourself, “hey, I haven’t done a post in a while eh? Oh well I’ll do one later.” And before you know it, that day is gone. Passed. Ended. The following day comes and the same thing happens. Only this time you say, “hey, I thought I was to do a post jana? Kwani what happened? Oh well, I’ll do one later.” And again, the day passes.

I thought about doing this post while I was making myself a cup of coffee. The thought of warming up was already making me warm inside. Then I began thinking about all the work that I have to do. I remembered again the post my dear siz Kawi did the other day and thought about it for a while. I too had asked myself such questions many many times before. But that was not the point of today’s post. Today’s post was about the fact that I have that thing. Writers Block. Writing is a sort of passion for me. Something I get a high on. And even when I write I feel nice even knowing that my english may not be on point or when I know I have several spelling mistakes here and there or even the arrangement of my words is way off! I still do it. I still write. I like writing, its obvious right?

And we are many. Many bloggers. I wish you could see my google reader! You’d be amazed. Maybe its just me thinking I have many blogs am trying to keep up with. But even I know that not all my readers keep up with my writing.

There you have it people. A post has been made. I feel better now. Hehe. Maybe its an addiction. You have that buzz in your ear telling you ”hauja-post kitu…hauja-post kitu…”. And you feel awful. Its like You’re betraying your readers. Waiting, no, yearning for fresh content. And then when it finally comes out…theyre like “Kwani whats up with this chic? Hii tu ndio angeandika? This is the only thing she could write?”

All in all, I am satisfied. I have written. Maybe some day I shall be able to be more consistent with my writing and my content. Maybe not. And the best thing is, I follow me!

Over and Out.


Now Licenced With Creative Commons!

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Thanks to…

… I have now licensed my work. All my writing is now protected. Fine, I don’t mind reproduction, but its good to know you asked to reproduce and you credited me for my work.

Bloggers should visit this site.

And those with extra chums, please donate!

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