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Thank God Its Friday the 13th!! Spooky eh? 😀

Yaani peeps are reminding me to do the TGIF post! Thanks Nkirdizzle 🙂 *insert Wakanae’s voice here* Wewe ndie mwenyewe! Na kama hujui Wakanae ni nani kaa hivyo!

So its supposed to be a jinxed day eh? Haya wacha tuone. Me I know am covered by the blood! << (say it with a Bishop Wanjiru accent for better strength! Hehe!!)

I am excited about…

27th August!!! Imagine! Am so waiting that day when the promul..whatever is done to the new Katiba…which reminds me, have u watched this vid? >> Katiba Song by Kajairo (a remix of Daddy Owen’s Tobina hehe) its soo niiice! Ok back… that holiday nitajiejoyi kama vire Kifaki arisema…si ni razima katifa ifanywe hivo tuu..sio igine! LOL! I know am not funny, don’t bother telling me! Am planning something. Hope it works!

Today I am feeling…

Super dooper energy! I have been having ish ish days of late and today hasn’t been one of them so am so so so so so glad. *delete extra ‘so’s*… Meanwhile, I am trying to enjoy every day life (gosh did I just quote Joyce Meyer??) as I so wish. Am so glad I am alive, no, Am so so THANKFUL I am alive!!!

On this weekend…

Umm…apart from meeting a few friends and catching up on some work, nothing much is planned for the weekend. I am still refraining from going out and drinking myself silly for now…am actually saving up for 27th! That weekend imepangiwa mapema! But come to think of it, getting drunk once again ain’t such a bad idea is it? I mean, kwani?? Maybe leo 😀

I am soo craving…

A big fat chocolate covered fudge filled juicy yummy Sundae!! Its been a while I tell ya! Things girls do aki! SMH! And come to think of it, I didn’t have that much of a burger last week…but they were two! #NoteToSelf: Stop eating too much! Nkt!

Inspiration of the week…

Have a blessed week y’all!!!

*Over & Out*



9 Responses to “TGIFurahidays!”

  1. Kawi Says:

    *Whoop Whoop* Spoooooky *Ghost Whisperer voice*…lol
    ati wakane voice…haha yeah she good for coming up with TGIF…at least its structured so it’s standard that every Friday we have a post… Thanks @nkirdizzle

    Lovely weekend sizzz…xoxo

    • Joliea Says:

      @Kawi, YAY!

      Wakanae is that dude who calls Maina Kageni on Classic 105 Morning and always talks about “pare pare” and his famous “yees” hihi!!

      fab weekend too galfriend 🙂

  2. coloseum Says:

    yeah, finally the post..seeing that im one of the peeps who reminded you to post, commenting is in order..yeah, the katiba video is sooooo on point. cant get enough of it.

    as kawi says, i think this tgif is a cool idea, but nitaweza kweli?

    • Joliea Says:

      @coloseum, ukitaka join the bandwagon…hatuna say, au vipi Kawi? And the katiba vid…i have it on me comp aki ya nani! 😀

  3. Kawi Says:

    @coloseum jaribu tu, i thought the same when I was starting…but now I can’t even imagine not doing it, even when i dont have stuff to’s fun.

    • coloseum Says:

      wakanai happens to be my neighbour..dude kwa mat IS A FAR CRY from the crazy fellow who calls in..and as his fb page picture suggest, he is bulky…lol

      • Joliea Says:

        @coloseum, u just confirmd some of my suspicions. One, he’s an empty debe…making noise about sth he can’t do, two, bulky as hell! 😀

  4. Tricia Says:

    I feel the energy na leo ni Sato! Hope you are having a great weekend and share the Sundae its nyummy.

    • Joliea Says:

      @Tricia, In as much as I’ve said these things I crave, Imagine th only thing I’ve had is th burger 😥 but nina hopes!

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