Forego That Pizza, Just This Once

That’s what I told myself. The Horn of Africa, including Kenya, is going through the worst food crisis in recent times and it is up to us to support our own Kenyan people in suffering. Forget that people like Alfred Mutua have the audacity to claim none has died due to hunger. Lets swallow that and we can vomit it later, when the time is right. I *so can’t wait till the next elections so he can lose his job! Anyway…

1. #FeedKe

An initiative by @ahmedsalims and the Kenya Red Cross. To date the initiative has raised over Kes.600,000! All this with no offline support! Wow. Truly the online gateways are large. Support this cause. Make a difference.

2. #Kenyans4Kenya

An initiative by Safaricom Foundation, KCB and Media Owners Association among other partners. This, having bigshots on its mantle, has been able to raise upto Kes.46 million so far! Kenyans truly we can do this.

But the more pressing question is, “Are we going to keep this up? Is this going to be a trend?” When are we ever going to learn. We have neighbours such as Egypt who have made serious strides in terms of Agriculture in their mostly arid land yet we have tracts and tracts of arable land and still continually suffer food problems every now and then?

If only we had serious leaders who actually care for this country and want to see it succeed then we might go somewhere. We promulgated a new constitution in the hopes that with it, change will come. And we have seen some new changes but I am yet to see the real strength of that document. Nevertheless, it is still early. I await the next general elections. To see if we can make a difference. To see just what type of people we are. I actually believe that we should judge ourselves by the type of leaders we have. If we have crappy leaders, then we are crappy. If we have impeccable leaders, then we are indeed impeccable. In the end, it is up to us.

Kenyans Arise!

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