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Thank God Its Furahiday!!!

I am excited about…

Hmmm….lets see…first of all, jana nite we didnt go to WamathaiSept as planned 😦 why? because friggin KPLC had to go n w** whatever!! nkt! theeeen….it was postponed to leo! and guess what? I CAN’T Go!!! *ngweeeeeee!!!* I have this training thing that I leave for at 5pm huh!! #FML so…basically I don’t feel thaaat excited. *frown*

Today I’m feeling…

Refer above. No seriously. Go back, read it twice or thrice of fowice..err…is that a word?? anyway..basically…..feelings hakuna so don’t even ask! Mschew!!

The ngoma that’s kicking me up lately…

Shawty Imma only tell you this once, you the illest (dat for dat dat dude)
And for your lovin’ Imma Die Hard like Bruce Willis
(bah ba dah dah oh)
You got spark, you, you got spunk
You, you got something all the girls want
You’re like a candy store
And I’m a toddlor.
You got me wantin’ more and ma ma more of

Your love,your love(yeah)
{repeat 4x}
Your love, your love
{repeat 4x}

Can you guess it? 😀

On this weekend…

Same as last week…..GOD I need a break!! As in …yani…… huh!!

I am soo craving…

Haven’t had this in ages!!

I just wish…

…that everything I’ve ever dreamed of, ever said I shall do, ever thought of doing, ever even had the slightest idea I could do, ever hoped of happening for me……….HAPPENS IN MY LIFETIME!

Inspiration for the week…

I love this woman’s quotes 😉

Have a MARVELLOUS Furahiday y’all!!!!

*Over & Out*

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