PPK Weekend Note: Thou Shall Fall In Love…

Thou Shall Fall In Love…

Written by Brenda Angwenyi on May 16, 2011

My friends think I’m the happiest girl on earth (of course I am).  I go around smiling and giving off this bubbly feeling to everyone I meet.

‘It’s a beautiful day outside’ or ‘you’ll be fine’ and that cheery ‘Hello’ you get when I pick up the phone, I can make you believe it’s fantastic even when it may not be on your end.

Yes, I am the happiest girl on earth even when things are going absolutely blue on my side, something to do with what my mum used to say when all was not well for me, “Do not show the world you are on your knees even when you’re on your stomach.”

It is bright yellow all through even when the black skies are looming.

Then there are moments when I want to hide, want to crawl into some corner and just sit there and hope someone would hold me, would care as much as I want them to, someone who would make my heart skip just for a moment when I hear his name. On those days I might not lift my head as high as I always do or give you the bubbly ‘hello’ when you call me; it’s just a slump in my routine.

Yes, I am loved and I do have special someones in my life but not that special SOMEONE. You see love and I have never been really friends; he’s red and I’m black and when he attempts to give me a wardrobe makeover, I resist. We walk past each other with a mean stare and give each other hard times.

I’m the kind of person that has problems with the phrase, “falling in love” because falling for me means I’m not in control and I love to be in control. If it is falling then it has to be in my own speed and time and even land just right on the ground.

Every girl nowadays has this face of steel when she says ‘I cannot be broken by any guy.’ She also confesses of a heart of steel. Nowadays it’s hard for a girl to admit that a guy broke her heart because it means she’s weak. She won’t be the first to say ‘I love you’ either,  because that would mean she’s gullible.

So when I admitted to a friend that I was falling in love for some handsome gentleman, there was a look of triumph on her face. So finally I’m admitting to falling in love and letting my pettiness go.

It’s not wrong if you fall in love, after all what do you think all those couples who are together first experienced? They fell then they rose up and walked on together.

So don’t be afraid to fall, to lose control once in a while, to love madly and to hope that you will be loved back. There will be bad days but you can also choose to walk together through them and move on past the jerks that broke your heart.

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Here’s wishing you a fabulous week full of great ideas and lots of success!

Letter To My Past Love

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Dear One,

Hey, how you doing? Its been a long long time since we last spoke. Yes. I know, a letter was the last thing you expected from me. Well, I didn’t have the guts to call you or send you an email so I just decided to do this. Hope you like it.

Remember when we met? I ain’t no romantic but, you swept me off my feet. I feel so bad right now that you are not around to do that anymore. I still get shivers whenever I think of you. I also get a cold chill run down my spine when I think of you and your new found love. Sorry to say but I am still sad about that. But this is not why I wrote.

I wrote to let you know that, after about five years, I have finally let you go. Yea, that thing about shivers and cold chills? Not anymore. I have stopped missing you. I forgot about your kisses whenever we met behind dorm 6, about your sensual caresses at night when we would see each other just before preps end, how you used to write me notes and leave them in my books. The high school love was sweet yes, but it damaged me. Now I am rebuilding myself. I was torn when you left me for him. It was a pain I couldn’t bare. But that’s all over now.

I do wish you the best my dear. I hope you can keep it together when he finally dies, seeing that he doesn’t have much time. Take care but,

don’t look for me please. I’m done.

Last love,

Yours before.

*Over & Out*

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