Letter To My Past Love

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Dear One,

Hey, how you doing? Its been a long long time since we last spoke. Yes. I know, a letter was the last thing you expected from me. Well, I didn’t have the guts to call you or send you an email so I just decided to do this. Hope you like it.

Remember when we met? I ain’t no romantic but, you swept me off my feet. I feel so bad right now that you are not around to do that anymore. I still get shivers whenever I think of you. I also get a cold chill run down my spine when I think of you and your new found love. Sorry to say but I am still sad about that. But this is not why I wrote.

I wrote to let you know that, after about five years, I have finally let you go. Yea, that thing about shivers and cold chills? Not anymore. I have stopped missing you. I forgot about your kisses whenever we met behind dorm 6, about your sensual caresses at night when we would see each other just before preps end, how you used to write me notes and leave them in my books. The high school love was sweet yes, but it damaged me. Now I am rebuilding myself. I was torn when you left me for him. It was a pain I couldn’t bare. But that’s all over now.

I do wish you the best my dear. I hope you can keep it together when he finally dies, seeing that he doesn’t have much time. Take care but,

don’t look for me please. I’m done.

Last love,

Yours before.

*Over & Out*

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