Kenyans Arise!

I had a buzz of inspiration today when talking to my colleague. He was telling me that one of the reasons why he’s going to vote for Uhuru Kenyatta (YES! I said the name, now get me for hate-speech or whatever!) is because he feels he’s the most viable person to take this country far.

My simple rationale for who I am going to vote for is this: what is their track record? If s/he has been notorious for being on TV for all the wrong reasons time and again, you really expect me to consider them at all? How?

Then he (my colleague) told me something else. He said that he “doesn’t see Kenyans voting for someone else other than Uhuru or Raila” and he actually thinks Raila will win. Fine. But he’s basis was that for some reason, some African or Kenyan reason, its a race between the two. I smell something not nice. And I won’t say it.

Basically, and to cut this short, I am sick and tired of us Kenyans voting for the same crap over and over again. We have seen these people for years on end and all we do is complain about them. I simply cannot understand how, when you’re the employer, you can say how an employee is time and again failed you and lost or stolen your hard earned cash in your business and you keep renewing their contract. Because for real, these people, these MPs are our employees. Untill we are able to view how much we have power over them is when we are going to see some serious revolution in this country. Untill we actually realise that the constitution we passed has increased our power and tightened structures to ensure we get what we deserve is when we will have a glimpse of Utopia.

People, its OUR time to eat. Ours. We Kenyans. We ordinary Wananchi. Its up to us to make the change we want to see. We know how to yap yap yap but can we walk the talk? Till when will we let the people we vote for kanyaga kanyaga us like we are thigiriri? Are you a thigiriri? By letting them do what they want you’re turning over power to them. Let us not be fooled. It is US who have the power, not them. Because I am very sure, that is the notion we have. Yes, even you who earns a measly 0.1% of what your employee (MP) gets, have power over him because why, he is your employee.


And remember, we have a caveat. If an MP does something silly, we can remove him! Make sure you vote for someone you trust.

Its about time.

Enough of politics, let me get back to work.

*Over & Out*

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