Its Mobile!


This is my first post using WordPress for Android!

And its exciting! Why? Because I get to be able to post from wherever. Especially nowadays when the time to make posts imekosekana kabisa. Huh!

And to those dissing the “idieot”, too bad for u! Am using it n am liking it!!

The only problem I can see is that now so so many people have it mpaka now its becoming “Kenya uniform”! As in even people who work in shambaz, whose hands can do God knows what to the sweet nice screens! Gosh! (No offense!)

Anyway, to wrap things up, I just wanna thank all who have been faithfully following my blog, my craziness, my randomness, being real and straight with me on everything. I am forever greatful. I will keep making posts here that challenge your minds as well as mine. And also just have random posts that (may) mmake you laugh or cry or whatever you feel like doing. Blessed be.

To all who are Bloggers in Kenya, I challenge you to join the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) and make our local content count!

*Over & Out*


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