#30DC: Day 3: My Friends

I’v been complaining about bloggers block of late. And then I remembered there was something I started a while back and I’ve never really finished it. So here is my new attempt at finally finishing it and yelling *hooray* at my achievement. *sigh* . What am I talking about? The 30 Day Challenge.

I’ve already done Day 1 and Day 2, so here’s Day 3: About my friends.

Ok. SO, I have friends. And I love my friends. But I got to be honest. This is not a topic I am veeery comfortable with. I’ve had friends who’ve stabbed me in the back before. Friends who I held dear at on time only to turn around and mess me up. This is one of the reason why I am not so so comfy with the matter.

Who is an ideal friend to me? Whenever I think of the subject I always think of the many many shows on telly that feature a group of pals who hang out together. Take for example a show like “How I met your mother“. Quite an interesting mix of friends there, no? But the baseline is, they’re friends and they like each other’s company, all the time. I like that. They share their lives together, criticise each other, make each other laugh, hold each others’ hands when times are tough, always have each others’ backs and so forth. Its admirable.

"I got yo back buddy"

I’m not sure I’ve had that. I can’t really tell. I run the risk of stepping on some toes so, kindly forgive me. I am trying to. For quite sometime I’ve been one to take care of myself and be able to understand myself better than anyone else and now I am trying to be extra open to others and share… its a process.

Yea, touchy-feely post this is huh?!

And there, that’s about my friends.

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