My Wish List

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There are a coupla things I really wanna acquire! and I thought I could just list them here so I have a constant reminder to keep working hard to acquire them! mind you, this is just a short-term list so I expect to have these things in a year or so!

1. Microwave

I have been craving for a microwave for way too long! I think its time I got myself one! And yes, Sina!

LG Microwave...oh!(p.c. linked)

2. Phone

Imagine my baby “Microwave” is getting old! Na its only been 6 months. She turned 7 months jana *sigh* and she has begun misbehaving already. Now I need a replacement! SMH! Sina means :(. Lemme put a pic of one am eyeing… (Come to think of it…I have to be veeeery careful this doesn’t come back! WOi!)

Mmmh...Nokia 7230. (p.c. linked)

3. Laptop

Hopefully, I will have this one by the end of the year. And moreso am hoping it wont be me buying it! The need! Oh the need! Kazi iko mingi joh! Now, I don’t really know which one to get but I hear this one’s tha ish! Though I probably won’t get it coz its damn expensive!

Dell XPS 1530! Whoa! (p.c. linked)

4. Couch

Okay, I do have a couch in my house but its an old heirloom and I’d really want to have a new, cozy, sexy, wanna-have-sex-on, beauty in my living room! Who doesn’t. My design looks kinda like this one.

Oh how lovely! (pc: linked)

5. 32″ Plasma TV

I saw several of these being displayed in supermarkets and Electronic shops and I really started thinking about getting one. Why? Because for the longest time plasma (or LCD if you like) TVs have been out of the reach of many a Kenyan’s pocket. I mean, the price for a 32″ one was kedo 40K ama? Now I see one being displayed at a going price of 26K!? I was like I must panga to get that! Aki! Currently I have a 14″ which I am proud of. The plasma I saw looked something like this.

🙂 Aaw if only... (pc: linked)

7. Music System

In all honesty, I have NO radio! None whatsoever! The one I have doesn’t qualify! And enuff said.

8. 6 by 6 Bed

I have a nice bed. Can’t complain! (Thanks Mommy!) So this one can come later. But who wouldn’t wanna sleep like this? >> Will be better if my (future) king brings me this ‘king’ LOL!

Actually mine's a smaller version of this! But the look! My! (pc: linked)

9. Duvet

I will get one EXACTLY like the one above :P!! Before my king comes! hehe..

And Last but not least……..drumroll………

10. CAR!!

Javving is sooo nice! NOT!!!! I am pretty sure if we all had our way we’d teleport to wherever we wanted to go. But since this aint the year 3010, we make do. For a start, I am looking at a teeny tiny car like i love a vitz a Toyota Duet or my new-found love…

I want I want I want!!! Toyota IST! (pc:

There you have it.

Wish me luck! 😀


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