New Age Sex Trend? New Age?

Have you all read this article: “New age sex trend“? If not, read it first, then come back.

First of all, I think it is laudable that issues dealing with gays and lesbians is getting light in the dailies, amid other societal issues that is.

But that said, I wonder, did the author (Stevens Muendo) even do a background research on what he was writing on? Seriously?

First thing I see is this phrase: “Sam is gay as he finally concedes to me. He has been in the business of male prostitution since he was in high school.“. Honestly, is he trying to say that being gay = being a male sex worker? I won’t even begin to question what he meant by ‘male prostitution’ since that could be something totally different! (something like a man who has sex with women for money…). This is definitely not true. Not all gay men are sex workers. Not all male sex workers are gay!

The article insinuates that gay people are all about sex and money, that gay men ‘become gay’ to lure men who want sex in return for money.

It also makes it look like bisexuality is a phase and that one can ‘get out of it’.

The writer clearly did not do enough research and relied on archaic information and supposed ‘quotes’ from eons ago and with facts only he would have conjured up!

He then ends the article saying: “All this time, the older generation continues to bury their heads as homosexuality and lesbianism takes root among the youth.

I would like to inform the writer that, ahem, to his disbelief, the gay and lesbian community as they call it, has been in existence since life as we know it began. This has been well documented in research articles and books. (See Google Scholar search, PDF book by Stephen O. Murray, African Sexualities, etc)

Basically what I am saying is that I think people writing about such issues in the media, really, should do better research. However, I do assume that this is deliberately overlooked as sensationalism and readership is of more importance to them than the reality. *shrug*

On a different note though, did y’all see the image he used on the left side of the story? Those words put together to form an image of two men kissing each other? Oh, if you didn’t notice that then, Oops!! I particularly like that image! Please please someone tell me where I can download it!

*Over & Out*

5 Responses to “New Age Sex Trend? New Age?”

  1. @Naughtiefeeling Says:

    The writer’s assumptions as clearly outlined in your post are false and misleading “gay culture” as people refer to it nowadays is not as assumed that it is a chic way of life. The older generation that Stevens Muendo refers to had homosexuals among them but the only thing that made them invisible was the social space at the time and the fact that most people were not enlightened as to their rights as they are now. People are standing up and accepting their homosexuality because they now know there is nothing wrong about being homosexual.

    It is imperative that society gets to learn of the diversity within us and embrace it rather than breed hatred and intolerance in our children disguised as “Teaching them the right cultural practices” which will serve no good. We need to be understanding and accommodating of our differences for there is unity in diversity. Preach peace.

    Gay rights are human rights.

  2. Peter Says:

    There is no African word for Homosexuality.

    • Joliea Says:


      I think that the real issue is that our current understanding of the word “homosexual” is biased due to the culture in which we now live in and that in pre-colonial Africa, there could have been words that could have meant ‘homosexual’. But still this is keeping in mind our understanding of sexuality as compared to that which existed in pre-colonial Africa.

  3. Ghafla!Guy Says:

    Just saw that picture and went “Eeuuww” … I don’t see a future where gays will ever be tolerated in Kenya and Africa as a whole. It is just too weird..

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