Its 2012! Make Something Of Yourself

Happy New Year everyone! Yes! I know! I’ve been MIA!!! So deeply sorry for that. I guess work got the best of me and I totally lost my writing mojo (Why does everyone say that!)

Anyway, here’s to a sort of come back. And I ain’t making any promises. I will do my best to write posts every now and then. No promises though. I won’t say you’ll get a post once every week but that’s what I’m aiming for. At least one post. Reading and writing helps me improve, gives me somewhere to unleash, pour out my soul & stuff. Kinda like how my mind goes into thought mode when I’m in the shower! (Don’t ask!) Lets just say that these could be my new years resolutions.

I also hope to read, and comment more, on my fellow bloggers’ blogs. I have my google reader on and I will try my level best to keep up.

Hope you all have a marvellous, prosperous, fun-filled, challenge-filled year as I do!

*Over & Out*

9 Responses to “Its 2012! Make Something Of Yourself”

  1. Roger (@rogerinc) Says:

    “Reading and writing helps me improve” Keep writing Joliea for us both 🙂

  2. OtienoHongo Says:

    Hey, happy new year to you! Wishing you all the best in 2012 as well and I hope you will blog more. Did you accomplish some of the stuff in that famous list you made a while back?

  3. mackel9 Says:

    Happy new year to you too Barbra :o)

  4. Ghafla!Guy Says:

    Me I Think to wish you a happy new year! 🙂

  5. Odhiambo Says:

    Me thinks this will be a good year to you, all and sundry to make something of their-selves!!

  6. Kenyan forum Says:

    The best year ever, especially now January is gone

  7. A.Life.Thoughts.Dreams Says:

    Big things happenin this year, ill deff. take a giant step n conquer! BLESS ; )

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