The Odd Young Bus Preacher

I use City Hoppas on my route. And one thing that’s not a surprise on our route is bus preachers. For me, they’re annoying. Very very annoying! I mean, if I want to hear the word of God I will go to church, right? Why do these preachers assume that everyone on the bus is a) interested in what he has to say and b) is a christian? Why? SMH!

Worst of all is that at the end of the sermon, they ask for an offering! This is the most annoying part of the whole annoyance! It is veeery easy to claim that this is their ultimate goal anyway.

But this particular bus preacher was different. He was a regular young man, probably in his mid-twenties and didn’t have that look that many bus preachers have. When he stood up, I immediately placed a mental block against him and started sleeping. Unfortunately I was seated in front and he was talking right above me so it was very difficult to ignore him. He was talking about the usual stuff about Jesus and being born again.

The odd things? He was young. The bus preachers I’ve seen aren’t young guys.

The striking thing: he never asked for cash! People did give him something here and there but that was it. He didn’t ask. I waited to hear “haya sasa tutoe sadaka tusaidie mtumishi wa mungu aeneze habari hii yake….” but nothing! That was what striked me the most. He asked listeners to pray a prayer for being born again, gave his number and name (Evans) and left!

I remember telling myself I can’t wait to see one bus preacher who only gives the word for the sake of giving it and doesn’t have a sadaka angle. He came. That was something!

4 Responses to “The Odd Young Bus Preacher”

  1. morethanwords Says:

    The challenge of being born again and professing the gospel of Jesus Christ is witnessing the same to others. Having an impact list composed of your friends and relaz ain’t as difficult as doing the same in a bus full of strangers. big up to Evans .

  2. Joliea Says:


  3. Kenne Mwikya Says:

    I have a friend of mine who’s church runs a ministry of street preaching of which he’s part. I meet him CBD and have a chat before he goes to do his stuff. I think people are generally more interested in young people preaching for free than the older ones who just talk a lot of incorrigible shit outside Uchumi House or in front of the Hilton and elsewhere. There is a persistent need to talk about current issues and social justice. Young preachers seem to have their ears on the ground but I wonder how much of that changes when they get cash…

    Lovely post, I am rediscovering your blog

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