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A while back I was tweeting about whether we have a credible source for reviews of mobile phones here in Kenya. So far the only site one can go and get good things about a phone is gsmarena. There is no real Kenyan made source that I know of, and if there is one, then tafadhali niambie. Oh maybe techweez lakini they seem to focus a lot of energy on Nokia but maybe @martingicheru can shed some light. My point is, if I want to know whether or not a phone is worth buying and one of the ways to know this is to hear or read from someone else who has had the phone before saying its good and bad sides, where can I get this information? Fine, some people like @savvykenya have posted one or two things about the phones they’ve had before but is that it? Is it upto the blogger fraternity to come up with content? What of other phones? Other experiences? How about them?

Seriously, this is a big idea and someone needs to pick it up. Nawapatia pesa za bure na hamtaki!? Haiya!!

Anyway hope something comes up soon. In the meantime, read about the ideos phone and the C3 experiences from Savvy. And there is an Android Kenya site plus an E63 Club which kusema ukweli I really wanna join but am broke siwesmek! 🙂 Be on the look out for my own review of the Ideos, and the Nokia 7230 (which is still in existence by the way…) gosh so many links here!

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13 Responses to “Mobile Phone Reviews”

  1. mackel9 Says:

    Good idea, sasa hizo pesa ziko wapi?

  2. willpress Says:

    There is no authentic/consistent Kenyan web source to review ANYTHING!! This has really got me thinking as well when I did a bunch of music reviews sometime back. In other places, manufacturers and retail chains know a trusty review source can drive sales up. Thats why GSM Arena get new testing models around a month in advance to play with and do a review just when the product is launched. and handed DJ tools and software by retail chains to test and review as well. In as much as that could be the missing link, somebody needs to have a website out then change the attitue of the owners of production and players in eventual retail. Heck am going to launch a website, why lie! Good post, Joliea…

    • Joliea Says:


      Well said! I swear this is a moneymaking venture and if I just had the gust aki! Anyway, you launch it and imma track you down to claim royalty hehe!

  3. savvykenya Says:

    Funny you should just write about phone reviews when I was about to review the nokia x2-01

  4. @martingicheru Says:

    Thanx for the post and the mention. I have bn reviewing nokia phones only but from this month you wil see me widen my scope. You dont review sth you have nt tested. Am starting with Samsung chat this week then Samsung galaxy S 2 and Xperia range later. Was a start.

    • Joliea Says:


      Thanks. I will be waiting to see. I wish I had the time and energy to do this since I see it as a gap and an opportunity.

  5. martingicheru Says:

    Its never about having info, its about what you have had time to test.

  6. pitzevans Says:

    hehe i feel you girl, i too want to join the android club but, siesi make atleast not in the next two months

  7. pitzevans Says:

    im almost going the ideot way n the way i hate that phone, still praying for that samsung galaxy mini hehe

  8. The Google IDEOS U8150 Android Phone: My Review « Me I Think… Says:

    […] Mobile Phone Reviews ( […]

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