Blogger’s Block Yet Again!

Yes! I have to admit it. I am finding it harder and harder to keep up! And its killing me. I hate it! I hate it kabisa. Not being able to write is not something I wanted to be a trend for me. I love writing. I love doing what I do. So Imma let my mind spill out what it is thats bugging me.

Thing is, I don’t know what causes it. Bloggers block. But since this is what it is (I think) then Imma write about it. Even reading blogs has become an issue! I used to be so into all that, tweeting, blogging etc… recently its not a trend. I wonder what happened.

Oh well, time will tell. The time will come when I shall once again be able to wow myself, and you my reader, with some pretty good stuff here Smile hehe! did i just say that??

Untill then, I shall post whenever I can. Yes I will, yes I shall.

In the meantime, do follow me on twirra, and catch me on mkz.

Happy weekend people, be safe!

*Over & Out*

7 Responses to “Blogger’s Block Yet Again!”

  1. Natasha McNeely Says:

    Any form of block is extremely annoying, whether author’s, artist’s or blogger’s block. It’s horrible to not be able to write, but don’t try to force yourself too hard or else it’ll just get worse.
    I hope you will be able to break out of the block soon!

  2. savvy kenya Says:

    Happy weekend too, may you overcome this block. 😉

  3. OtienoHongo Says:

    Just take it easy and relax. Sometimes all that the mind needs is a bit of rest for regeneration, living in the big city can be stressful. Give yourself a nice break and don’t stress yourself too much, furthermore it is your blog!

  4. bemogul Says:

    Blogger’s block really sucks but at the end of the day it’s your blog so don’t pressure yourself too much. Much as we may be bummed out if you don’t blog for some time we’ll be back once you put up another post.

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