Of Blogging and the Lack Thereof

I wonder if I have ever written a blog post with such a title. Today’s bost will be mainly about my blogging, others’ blogging and of course, my lack of blogging.

Oh well… its also gonna be quite shifty since its been quite a long while since I blogged anyway so… there.. don’t expect a masterpiece and oh, my apologies in advance if this appears to be boring. Not my intention. Its just a blabber of words with some form of coherence here and there.




I just lost like two hours worth of writing time doing something else. More like tweeting much. So, check out my tweets and see what got me rolling!

In other news, I am great. Busy more than ever, but great. I still have lots I wanna interrogate here but enyewe al try to make that happen.

*Over & Out*


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