Invisibility of the Intersex

Y’all know I have written about this before. And I have mentioned it time and again on my twitter page among other social networks. Check my blog for past entires on the subject.

It is a known fact that the plight of the intersex is widely forgotten. I mostly want to cause about why ‘gay rights organisations’ claim to do work for "LGBTI" whereas they really only work for "L" and "G". The ‘B’s, ‘T’s and ‘I’s are almost always forgotten.

Some people say that its easier to be intersex than it is to be homosexual. Why? Ati coz its clearly visible you have a dilemma, unlike being gay which is mostly looked upon as a choice or a curse (depending on where you come from).

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT2ZAw-bTDX5TgK2oMDYj3IRBQy6JkbZ0fadGkD6GjS3OPA5CsznZ6IBt96Caster Semenya. Most known intersex, as far as I know

In my view, intersex cases are worse because of the visibility. Its somewhat easy to hide your gayness… if you can… but whether you like it or not, if you’re intersex, you can’t hide it and even if you try, you cannot do it for long.

I am so saddened that cases of intersex kids suffering out there because of a dilemma of who to be, what gender to become or they are, are going un-addressed. I just hope someone does come up and take up the cause strongly.

For example. Citizen TV a few days ago had a story about a man who had a 9 year old intersex. That kid was being raised up as a boy. The father took ‘him’ to Mater hospital to seek answers on what to do with the child. He was told that his kid had more female hormones than male and thus, was more likely to be female rather than male. This traumatised the father. Why? Because he wanted a boy. So he kept on raising the child as a boy.

I have a serious problem with that. Why do that to the child? I mean, ‘he’ is 9 years old! Surely ‘he’ can say for ‘himself’ whether or not ‘he’ is boy or girl? We all know too well that gender is not that clear cut… and is not really marked based on your genitalia … at least not always. So why not ask ‘him’.

I don’t blame the father. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know. Because he hasn’t been told about this. The medics are quick to say that the kid needs surgery. And my presumption is that, he will prefer the kid be turned male. Its very unfortunate. Truly unfortunate.

I hope I can continue addressing this issue better with more posts. But this is my general feeling.

*Over & Out*

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