Siasa Duni Eh?

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We hear it everyday. We are told about how its part of our lives and will never go away. We hate on it most of the times and declare that we shall never be associated with it. Yet time and again we still find ourselves discussing it here and there, about how much we hate it, how much we wish something could be done to fix it, how the people in it are the worst criminals in the land and still go scot free…all manner of things.

But I always ask myself one question, are we to blame? Are we the ones causing this and there definitely is something we can do about it? Can we be the ones making the change we want to see? Well, for how long are we going to ask ourselves these querries? For how long are we going to keep saying we hate it yet discussing it all the time? For how long are we going to sit back and watch as we do a whole lot of nothing?

I keep wondering how we keep voting in the same ol same ol people who have done little or nothing to improve our situation as kenyans. Every election time they come with goodies and hoodwinking contraptions and we fall head over heels for them all over again, knowing all too well that come two months right after we consumate our marriage, then they go back to their mistresses and leave us in desolation. It is beyond my comprehension.

It is my hope that for once, this time round we will actually uphold the saying “once bitten, twice shy” and pick out a new crop of leaders who, we hope and pray, will actually be the partners we married.

*Over & Out*

3 Responses to “Siasa Duni Eh?”

  1. zack Says:

    couldn’t have been more candid..

  2. joyunspeakable2011 Says:

    I think so too

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