International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Nairobi, Kenya, December 17, 2010

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The day finally arrives TOMORROW! So prepare yourselves people. Check out the event details, the facebook page and follow their tweets for more. Let us make a difference! I got this post from a fellow supporter.


For years, sex workers across the globe have suffered abuse at the hands of clients, the police and the general public who look down upon them because of the line of work that they have chosen.

Sex workers are now working towards a revolution and many are standing in solidarity with them to see a change, which requires everyone to start treating sex workers like human beings with civil and human rights, rather than criminals.

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This event was created to call attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers all over the globe. You can read more about this here.

On Friday, 17th December, 2010, this event will be marked in Kenya for the first time and will include a silent street procession, information about sex worker rights issues, testimonies by sex workers who have experienced violence, short film screenings, a riveting spoken word performance by Wanjiku, music, poetry, theatre and dance by sex worker groups and children of sex workers and a candle light vigil to remember sisters and brothers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Speakers will include Peninah Mwangi, Willy Mutunga, Dorothy Ogutu from the Kenya Sex Workers Alliance, Zawadi Nyong’oEsther Passaris, and many more.

The silent public procession will start at Koinange Street, and ending at the Sarakasi Dome, in Ngara, where the rest of the programme will be held.

You can also read a collection of short stories about sex workers and their experiences here.

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7 Responses to “International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Nairobi, Kenya, December 17, 2010”

  1. Harvest Tone Says:

    Hey there!

    Thanks for posting this 🙂

    • Joliea Says:


      Ur welcome 😉

  2. mariyln totona Says:

    It is a very wonderful day to us because people have been stigmatizing us alot as if we are the most sinful women in the world.i am marilyn totona coordinating sex work program in Narok Town whereby we have almost 1800 women peddling flesh so whenever you have an activity exetend to us please because we are very cooperitive

    • Joliea Says:


      Thanks for commenting. As you can see from the post, we will be having the Nairobi event on Friday. Hope something is being done in Narok.

    • Zawadi Says:

      Hi Totona,

      Thank you for your comment. Please get in touch with us at so we can add you to our database of contacts. Are you also in touch with Bar Hostess? You can reach them at It would be great to organize more activities in other parts of Kenya, including Narok. We’d love to hear about the work that you are doing there.

      In solidarity,


  3. keguro Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Very important. Sex workers have been the backbone of Kenya’s history for a long, long time.


  4. Mgangagenge Says:

    ukiinkia piashara ni lasima pia uelewe file mambo yanawesa kusamparatika!

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