Monday Rant!

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Seriously, its such a glorious day in Nairobi, do I really have anything to rant about? No, why should I spoil it by saying mean and nasty things that have been bugging me for the past week? Naah.. its not gonna happen. Noserie!

  1. Do you ever think that sometimes it sucks being human? I mean, not being able to be perfect? Well it bothers me at times. Knowing that I can suck at any time and mostly when I expect not to suck. It sucks to know that you suck! Does that make sense?
  2. Do rich people have it easy? There are a bzillion things I wonder about being rich. I often wonder, does it make it easier just to have everything on your plate? Think about it. I sometimes look at how rich people are and just Thank God I’m notย rich! Weird, no?
  3. Why is it that Kenyans we’re so daft so silly we can’t vote for our own KENYANS on Tusker Project Fame???? Need I say more? I mean, y’all let another Ugandan take this thing? WTF!! Mnaenda dome mnapiga noise for Amileena & Steve but noooooo y’all don’t wanna spend your money on ’em! NKT! I swear next time iende Uganda coz we Kenyans ain’t as loyal as we pretend to be! #WhyLie!
  4. Yea yea yea, we all say this but honestly I’m tired of us Kenyans voting in the same ol same ol crap crop of people in and out of Parliament!!! And then we sit back and watch the show as the fight and scheme and back stab one another! Am effing pissed off at what WE have done. Because guess what, their mess is OUR MESS! We are their employers!!! NKT!!
  5. No, am not ranting anymore. Its a beautiful day outside…. much like this one ‘ere ๐Ÿ˜‰


Enjoy your country!



*Over & Out*

10 Responses to “Monday Rant!”

  1. kenyansista Says:

    For me it wasn’t about loyalty,I honestly believed Davis deserved it and if wasn’t him my vote was for Rachel and Msechu.
    I think its about who you think has talent in your eyes.

    • Joliea Says:


      Me thinks they all deserved it but we could have put Kenya on the map had we voted. Then again, maybe a lot of Kenyans voted for Davis.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. panafricandreamer Says:

    Just discovered your site, i’m enjoying your stuff!…

    re: how much it sucks to know that we suck, i say ‘sucking’ is part of the human experience, it keeps us humble. Our imperfections make us and our experiences interesting if awkward at times. I hope that makes

  3. 2cute4u Says:

    It’s always the norm..
    People don’t value that which they have honey…

  4. Wyndago Says:

    Hehehe, your rants are just something. I suggest you study the rich, its not the wealth that makes them who they are its who they are that makes them rich. And its awesome to be rich… i presume ๐Ÿ™‚

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