Thank God Its FURAHIDAY!! :D

Its been, yet again, a fast paced week. Monday and Tuesday I was at Hotel La Mada for a conference on sex workers in East Africa. Quite an interesting conference I must say. The cocktail at the end was graced by @WanjukuMwaurah (read her blog) where she entertained us with her well written, amazingly performed and thought-provoking poetry, themed around the topic of sex work, woman issues and society. It was fun. I had to leave soon though ūüė¶

I never got to pay my sleep debt as I had planned but all in all it went. Something else to note is that, I practically haven’t blogged this entire week! Except for this post. And I feel bad. Bad because I am not keeping to my trend and also because its linked to a whole¬†foray¬†of other stuff that’s bogging me down. #Nottoworry though, al be fine.

On this weekend…

Hopefully it will go on well. Nothing much planned so I shall catch up with friends and family as well as find out about some work stuff. Its gonna be a slide-through weekend.

I’m craving…


Quote for the week…

#ThatIsAll :)

*Over & Out*


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