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Thank God Its FURAHIDAY!! 😀

Yea! Its been one hell of a week! Notice how similar my tgif posts begin? SMH! I digress. Things are changing and changing for the better. I couldn’t be more thankful.

On this weekend…

I have several stuff lined up. One of them is to pay my sleep debt! Plan ya sato. Sunday kazi iko mingi. But am forever grateful! Sometimes I sit at home and take a biiiig *sigh of relief. Its worth it 🙂

I’m STILL craving…

This milkshake here, this fruit smoothie from Mombasa, and Fish ya Mama Oliech. Sadly, they toad the vibandas along Ring Rd Kilimani 😦

Quote for the week…

#ThatIsAll 🙂

*Over & Out*


6 Responses to “TGIFurahidays!”

  1. adolphus Says:

    Have a good one …nice blog(pink *girlie* hahaha)

    • Joliea Says:


      Thanks 😉 And the pink is disappearing in T-10, 9, ……

  2. benji Says:

    why the heck are you looking for mama oliech kilimani!!?….mama oliech konaa is chucking gainourmous delicious super samak from kisum direkt!

    • Joliea Says:


      Hehe… am yet to try that!

  3. that silly blogger Says:

    HaiYawah What is this now! Hebu you consider some of use ‘special people’ who can not stop staring at flickering objects.. Now it is impossible for me to read the post 😦

    • Joliea Says:


      LOOOL!! Haha!!

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