Uganda and Homosexuality: I Don’t Get It!

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I don’t get it. I seriously don’t get it.

The other day we heard in the news that a Uganda tabloid dubbed Rolling Stone stupidly stealing the name from the veteran magazine that hails from the US is on a mission to out 100 Ugandan homosexuals. On that first issue, they named and pictured 15 people. Guess what happened.

Several people have been attacked in Uganda after a local newspaper published their names and photos, saying they were homosexual, an activist has told the BBC.

Frank Mugisha (of SMUG – Sexual Minorities Uganda) said one woman was almost killed after her neighbours started throwing stones at her house.

He said most of those whose names appeared in Uganda’s Rolling Stone paper had been harassed.

Honestly, is this even human? (click on image for a better view) p.c.

First of all, I am wondering what on earth would lead someone to stone another because of what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms. I mean, I don’t have sex on Kimathi Street, do I? So who cares what I do with my significant other? Why should it matter? And besides, even if it was a religious case, will God now give you higher scores because you stoned a sinner to death? Will he offer you some form of compensation for ridding the world of the deadly and dangerous homosexuals that came to the earth to destroy our babies and turn them to the filth that they are and die an eternal death with the everlaughing devil? Will you suddenly receive a halo over your head and be deemed holier than thou in the village because of your noble cause?


My point is, here you are throwing stones at someone who has done absolutely nothing to you, for a crime that harms you in no whatever way, and for another crime that you have no basis of judgement over, neither are you judge to rule and charge guilty or not guilty. Here you are claiming that someone trying to make sense of their world is suddenly a threat to your children’s lives. How? Considering that kissing – regardless of the sexualities of the parties involved – is deemed a taboo in our countries, how on earth would someone walking down the streets make your child a homosexual? Fine, lets even consider your irrational claims that the said homosexuals are recruiting children and infecting them with AIDS. Do you have evidence of this? Is there a way you can support these irrationality?

I still cannot fathom how someone can kill another over such. I honestly can’t. Even if I hated gayism as some people call it with all my heart, I cannot see that as a reason to kill them. Surely there must be a thread of humanity in me to restraint me from such!

This is just the beginning. I am not amused. Not at all.

*Over & Out*

9 Responses to “Uganda and Homosexuality: I Don’t Get It!”

  1. benji Says:

    mmmmm….tis terrible…..but we all know that its just because a larger percentage of ugandans are morons….no no no….im not trash talking…..a report was actually published by unicef…check it out at… serious…..tihihihihi

    but seriously…..its really sad

  2. blogoratti Says:

    People often fear what they don’t understand…

  3. Mark Jordahl Says:

    It is unbelievable. I also wrote about it here:

    International pressure is the only thing keeping homosexuals alive in Uganda right now, so please keep writing!

  4. kri1987s Says:

    It is very similar to the tolerance of fictitious characters (vampires) by us. Check this out

  5. Aloe Says:

    What is happening there in wrong. Gayness is not contagious… So they are worried about their kids and that’s why they’re torturing other peoples kids. Fuck them. Thanks for writing about it.

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