Monday Rant! #SNBreak Edition

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I did it! *jumping in glee for two seconds then sitting back down and staring at laptop ignoring confused stares from colleagues*

I did it!

I managed to stay off twitter and facebook for one week. Let me list some good and bad of the week.

1. Well, considering that one of my rules was that I can check and reply my facebook mails, that was sort of counter-productive. I found myself constantly slipping away and reading comments n stuff. To ‘jitetea’ I only kept to a certain thread of comments that was too hilarious and too personal not to follow! 😛

    2. On Saturday, I couldn’t resist not logging in and see all the #TPF4 and #ChukiFM and #Teamsoandso tweets from my twitter friends. My wasn’t it a blast! I laughed, LOLed, GORed and all sort of funny! Haha!!!

    3. I managed to get a hold of myself at work and be able to focus better. So, I am thankful I took the break. It was refreshing.

    4. For some reason, not having that feeling that “I need to update this.” or “OMG where is my phone, I just gotta tweet this..” was kinda nice. Somehow..

    Buut… as usual, I save the best for last… and now here I actually RANT!

    5. I missed tweeting! I missed Rting! I missed commenting in betweet Rts! I missed all that & then some! I missed commenting on y’all facebook updates (yea, I still go there once a while in a blue moon!) I missed being tagged to pictures that I hated, to read comments from people I don’t know, to be poked by some random dude, to go “eek” at someone’s real profile pic… to go “uuh” and “aah” as I either tweavesdropped or facesnooped (I coined that one.. not so nice) at peeps tweets and fb comments… I MISSED IT ALL!! *waaail*

    So there you have it. That’s how it went down *start picturing Madtrax big bum dancing to that tune then gain recollection* and it was like that.

    Now back to some real business, this means even more multitasking than ever considering how much is on my plate!! (why do we say that?-rhetoric question)

    Love y’all!

    *Over & Out*

    p.s. Thought of changing the “Monday Blues” post to “Monday Rant”. Why be blue-y when you can be happy and complain about stuff? 😀


    6 Responses to “Monday Rant! #SNBreak Edition”

    1. raymondchepkwony Says:

      Can I RT this???

      • Joliea Says:


        Haha!! Y u asking me? Go ahead!

    2. Tweets that mention Monday Rant! #SNBreak Edition « Me I Think… -- Says:

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    3. nkirdizzle Says:

      Yes checking ur email notifications was counter productive lol (you cheated!) #IKid
      Everyone has their own rules when going MIA, but i am sure next time you will even be strong enough to go completely cold turkey!

      • Joliea Says:

        @nkirdizzle, Time will tell. #thatisall Thanks for commenting 😉

    4. Lindsey Says:

      Well… you didn’t really do it. You still logged on to both facebook and twitter. And it was only 5 days.
      I want to stay of twitter and fb for 7 days straight. I don’t even want to see their logos anywhere, lol. It’s gonna be hard because I have family overseas and fb is a great way to stay in touch. How am I going to do it? Hahaha, thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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