SN Break: Day 5

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So yesterday was way too packed for me to do anything and thus the post today! Yippie!

I made it! Well, there is still like another two days left hehe,… so am gonna have to wait.

Since this is going to be the last day I actually make a post, I feel good. As in, I managed to stay without tweeting or facebooking for all that time! Haha! Now the big hurdle would be the weekend for now, and if I ever decided to do a full month! Anyway, I don’t even know why am saying it as if its so difficult not to be connected! Its like its a taboo or something. Its not. Maybe yea, am missed by some, but am so so sure that its just a few. Haha! Prove me wrong!

This weekend is packed. I have work to do on Saturday and am planning to go watch a movie at Prestige on the same day. My Sunday is also booked 😦 as in seriously, don’t even ask me when I ever take a break because I have no answer to that. Its only God who knows why I don’t still have burn out! Ha!

I gats no cravings as of now, maybe a piece of nicely fried chicken coated with bread crumbs could do, plus some finger licking pizza and a glass of fruit shake. But… thats waaaay beyond my budget! Unless you’re offering to buy me! 😀

I guess now I see how beneficial/not beneficial the social networking sites are. For me, they keep me in touch with people. And I presume this is the case for most (if not all) people too. Considering the hectic schedules most of us have, sometimes it feels good to connect with your friends while still putting food on the table, and not making sure its the bill you’re footing #ifyouknowhatimean! I can see it now. I did see it before, but I have found myself in a sort of a rut when I wanted to share something I couldn’t, I wanted to make a short rant somewhere I couldn’t, I wished to ask someone something or people to help me with something and I knew I’d get feedback quicker considering the immence wealth of knowledge that exists in the Twittersphere! (yea, am calling y’all tweeps smarties!)

So thats it so far.

*Over & Out*


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