SN Break: Day Three

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So far so good. I have had some slip ups here and there… main one being that since I considered fb messages as valid, I’d get veered into checking my notifications. #notgood! So I worked on that and now I can say am only looking at the messages and only those that require my action. #Dedication!

I heard about the Kenya Film Festival and I was kinda sorta excited. Why? I like movies. I don’t like like them, but I do like them (ignore me!). So I want to visit Prestive Silverbird Cinemas on Sunday (I will be free then) and see what movies they have that day. It hopefully will be fun šŸ™‚

And something else I noticed, how come there are like ten million games and shinda this, win that and ninininis??? Kwani?? Oh, I heard they made it easier to have those. So now there is a boom? Okay fine. But me I can’t pay 25 bob or whatever to enrich someone else! I don’t care what someone tells me but that’s gambling. Period. Soon enough you find you’ve spent about 10K (on the lower side) and lo and behold that dude who sent like err… ONE text shindaz the sijui Vitz. Now why would they pick the kadudu? Haha! When I heard “Kiss my Vitz” I LOLed mpaka the LOL was complaining (ignore me..)!! As in kwani they kosad anaa idea?? Who the eff thought of that? Am sure someone somewhere really thinks thats something catchy.. err duuh! NOO!! LOL!! Then the mother of all eff ups >>Ā KTN bring sijui what show jana (Tuesday night) sijui “Text WIN” bla bla bla fishcake! Nonsense! Mschew!! (in true Naija fashion) What nonsense is this-o? Have they lost their mind?? Chineke! And it went on for like an hour! Mamamia! Am done. Nimeacha kupiga kelele.

Oh and speaking of jana, as I was watching “Nairobi Law” I couldn’t help thinking of oh how much I’d tweet how I hate how sijui who said what in what manner and I didn’t like it because that’s not the way I felt they should have said it… (did I make sense there?? Ignore me!)

Back to the title of the post. I can do it! I can actually stay without tweeting/fakebooking…etcetera!!! Wow! Am proud of meself šŸ˜€


Aah... thats better! Keep the change!


Buuuut…. before I pen err… blogg…errr… type off (gorrit right?), have y’all heard about this Tatu City? Eh!! ebu just

go to their website

and find out for yourself!! Wakikuyu enyewe ata nyinyi!!

*Over & Out*

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2 Responses to “SN Break: Day Three”

  1. benji Says:

    HA!…..lovely post tweetaholic….i still bet that u wont survive the week……i heard abt the tatu city….whats with the name though…hata hii ya kwanza hawajamaliza barabara, ya pili haiko…already wamerukia ya tatu?!

    • Joliea Says:


      watch this space!

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