SN Break: Day Two

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SN stands for “Social Networking”. Thus the title. “SN Break – Social Networking Break: Day One.” How has it been so far? Don’t expect this post to be cute and clean!

For one, I still can’t believe that I can’t go into twitter! It’s that bad!

At least, I am getting some work done. But I must admit, I do miss my twitter and facebook. Oh, speaking of which, am koseaing kidogo coz am going into my facebook inbox. But thats only because I also use my inbox for some work purposes. Anyway, am sure someone is saying “enhe…and how are we sure you won’t look elsewhere?” Yea. I admit there is no telling how. But am testing my resilience. So far so good.

(side note: No Digsby for Ubuntu Mac OS? 😦 )

Things are okay, did I mention withdrawal symptoms? And the fact that I feel that urge to “retweet” something so so nice I’ve read but I can’t since the ONLY update that will appear in my accounts will be these posts from the blog!? HUH!

Lakini lets see how it goes. Things will get better (I hope!).

*Over & Out*


4 Responses to “SN Break: Day Two”

  1. Kawi Says:

    Eeeeh babe, all the best. Sijui I should also try that out sometime…hhmmm! Food for thought.
    Have a lovely evening.

    • Joliea Says:


      Thanks for that swiri… so far so good 😉

  2. Cuppatea Says:

    If i could do it so can you!

    • Joliea Says:


      You did??? And I never realised?? Wah! Ok. Thanks though 🙂

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